Soccer Country

Religion is very important in my country. We belive in many diffrent things compared to other religions around the world. My religion is called UnderArmour, we belive that everyone should be united no matter what. Most religions around the world have gods,but our god is a soccerball. Its not just any soccerball this one is a special one called, Brazuca. Our "god" represents good,peace,and love one another.

In my country the only thing we drink is goal vitamin, which is a drink that gives you energy for the rest of  the day. The drink that gives you boost is the goal vitamin pro. It's natural drink that has no GMOs. In my country goal vitamin and goal vitamin pro are pretty cheap its cheaper than food. Soccer players drink this amazing drink its lrated number one in my country. It's color is a very bright deep orange that looks delicious.

In my country we live in aquarium houses. Our houses have an aquariam in each room,it can either be the sink or bed.The reason why our culture does these kinds of things is because water combined whith fish relaxes a person. Relaxation is very important in our culture it makes our our day better,better mood and a better thinker.In my country we have creative ideas like a sink made out of an aquarium.

language in my country is called lenguaje de fĂștbol. It's a language that nobody in the world speaks except my country. For example, we say hey pass me the goal drink which is obvious that it means in soccer pass the ball. Another example is can you defence the house while I'm gone whith means can you defend the house while I'm gone. Our language is similar to the English language most people speak, except grammar is a little different.

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