Dino Agbayani, Baseball

Dino Agbayani is a renowned journalist that has had his work published in a number of outlets around the world. It is interesting that for a man that travels so much that his heart is with something that is quite American in the game of baseball. He is a big fan of baseball and follows the sport from wherever he is around the year. From spring training to the World Series it is exciting for him to follow teams and their journey towards their goals. He is a big fan of team sports as they always tell stories of bringing different characters and people together under one vision of how a team is to play, strategize and put together the talent that they need to do the best that they can do. Baseball is of course America’s pastime and it is played on field across the country by children, high school students, college students and of course professionals. Some of the legends in history are such iconic names that include Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig and so many more. It is this tradition of greatness and performance in the sport that attracts generations into it over the ages. As a traveling journalist, he has witnessed quite a bit of sports around the world. He also has seen baseball played in other countries as well including Japan. Of course baseball has its legends and he is quite fond of the stories that are told of the great players and the great games throughout history. He is a big fan of this entire culture of baseball and plans to follow the sport for all of his life.

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