Telephone - 1876

Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone changed humanity by changing the way people communicate. Another thing the telephone did was increase communication over a distance so you can talk with someone that is not right next to you and talk like you are having a conversation instead of talking to someone through the mail system.

Typewriter - 1873

Christopher Sholes

The typewriter changed humanity because it allowed for organization of documents. It helped organize documents by making them easier to read and having the text a consistent font. Another thing the typewriter did was open up many more jobs in offices.

Lightbulb - 1879

Thomas Alva Edison

The lightbulb changed humanity by making light where it is needed. Before the lightbulb, people could not stay up at night due to having no light. Also, people could not work without light, so now with the lightbulb you could work when it is dark outside.

Airplane - 1903

Wilbur and Orville Wright

The airplane changed humanity by being able to travel faster. The airplane made traveling safer and you could get to your destination a lot faster. It also changed humanity by being able to fly for the first time.

Handheld Camera (Kodak) - 1888

George Eastman

The first handheld camera changed humanity by being able to have a portable camera. Before this handheld camera, you had to carry around a huge camera. Now you can carry this around and take pictures without having to carry anything too heavy.

Practical Gasoline Engine - 1876

Nicholas Otto

The gasoline engine changed humanity. It did this because now you could have a source of power for factories and automobiles. This went along with the discovery of oil and made a stronger engine.

Automatic Dishwasher - 1886

Josephine Cochrane

The automatic dishwasher changed humanity. It changed humanity by being able to wash dishes faster. It also made less work for the businesses that owned restaurants and normal people in general who did not have the time to wash dishes.

Gasoline Powered Automobile - 1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

The Gasoline Powered Automobile changed humanity. It changed it by being able to travel on ground without a horse. It also changed it because you could go faster than a horse and you could carry more things during travel.

Phonograph - 1877

Thomas Edison

The phonograph changed humanity. It changed humanity because it was the first invention that could be used for talking over a certain distance. It made it more convenient than to talk and meeting up with people to talk.

Automatic Lubricator - 1872

Elijah McCoy

The Automatic Lubricator changed humanity. It changed it because now you could have less maintenence on the steam engines and still run faster than without the lubricator. Also it changed humanity because it allowed for faster traveling agents that used steam powered engines.

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