Loretta Paganini School of Cooking

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not much of a cook. But as I get older, I'm starting to appreciate quality food (and the process to make it) a lot more. So I was pretty excited when Matt's brother got us a gift certificate to a local cooking school for Christmas. Matt is a great cook, so we wanted to choose a class that would be something new for him. We looked through the many, many class options, we decided on TIME for THAI.

On the menu

Spicy Pork Spring Rolls with Sweet-Hot Dipping Sauce

Shredded Chicken Cakes with Cucumber-Peanut Sambal

Coconut-Lemon Grass Soup with Baby Shrimp & Snow Peas

Crab Pad Thai

Duck Choo Chee

Basil Fried Rice

Candied Ginger Tea Cakes with Mango-Coconut Ice Cream

Aprons on, read to cook

Our cooking station

Starting the spring rolls

Time to roll

Hot outta the fryer

How to: 6 second version

Pad Thai: before

Pad Thai: after

We had a great time!

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2 years ago

Oh my goodness that menu looks amazing!!! I love Thai food. Maybe I should try Matt's technique of trying to teach my spouse to cook by buying "us" a class. I like the way Matt thinks! @andriatriv

2 years ago

@rachelmilk123 It was SO GOOD. And yes, he thinks it's totally worth it for me to learn the basics. Would be fun!