What we're thankful for: YOU.

Tech Evangelists. Social Mavens. Bell Curve Busters. You are all the pioneers of Tackk Nation, and for that we thank you. You've spent the past year tackking your best DIY projects, recipes, race reports, playlists, infographics, projects on Magellan and Shakespeare, lesson plans, engagement stories and top-10 lists — complete with only the best animated GIFs. We don't call you early adopters because you're already using the new name for early adopters that no one else knows yet. But you're not uncool about being ahead of the curve. You just take it upon yourself to teach everyone else what's up. Thanks for using Tackk to tell your stories, to share your stories and for sharing your feedback with us. Seeing how you use Tackk and hearing about your experiences helps us grow every day. So, keep it coming. Keep up the awesome. Here's to you, Tackk Nation: