Charles Albert Poland Jr.

(That Bus Driver)

Who is Charles Albert Poland Jr?

Charles Albert Poland Jr. (CAPJ) was an Alabama bus driver that was considered a hero by all. Not only was he considered a hero on January 29th, 2013 when he defended the children on his bus from being taken by Jimmy Dykes, he was, and always will be a hero to all.

Charles Albert Poland Jr. was a Hero Because......

  • He served in the United Stated Armed Forces in Vietnam
  • He flew helicopters in Vietnam
  • He started driving a bus to provide income for his family
  • He protected 20 of the 21 children
  • He was shot protecting the children
  • Sister says, "He has always been a hero" and she was not surprised that he gave his life to protect the children
  • He was given a state funeral
  • State Funeral~ When the patriot guard riders (they only come to funerals for veterans) and people symbolizing the military come and an American flag is draped over your casket.


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