The Swamp Monster

One day there was a kid and his mom and they lived right next to a nasty, green swamp. They were so poor that they lived in a two room house. One day when it was dark and gloomy, the kid was playing outside when he saw a slimy, green monster come out of the swamp. He was so scared he ran home. The next day he saw the monster in the afternoon again and decided to follow it. The boy’s knees were trembling as he creeped behind the monster. The monster went back into the swamp and he followed him quietly into the water. The boy swam to the bottom and saw a rusted chest.

He was so excited that he swam back up to the top and decided to come back tomorrow night. The next day the boy swam back down to the bottom. The monster saw him ,so the boy grabbed the chest and swam to the top as fast as he could. The monster was chased him, but he was too fast for the monster. He got to his house and put the chest down and the mom asked what it was. The boy said that it was a chest and then the monster broke the door down. Then right when it was going to grab the boy, the mom knocked the monster out with a frying pan.

Then they called the police and the boy noticed a key around the monster’s neck. So he grabbed it and they opened the chest. Inside they found gold and jewelry. They were rich! The police came; they took the monster to the zoo. The next weekend they decide to go to the zoo to see the swamp monster, but right when they got there they found out the monster was a big dinosaur fish.  Then people came all around the world to see that fish.

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