EGO: exploration proposal

by zechariah howell

Dear, king james I am trying to go exploring to north America I can provide you with multiple resources you can use for different occasions. For some things you might want troops for battles I can give you 5 gladiators and 2 reliable workers. My second offer is if you would like to have a teleportation ray from mars. This requires 2 special workers a decoy dummy and it only costs you 300 gwam. for my last final offers I can give you magic beans each time you throw one bean you will get 1 priceless wish to have anything you want. and last but not least I will give you a special  to trade I would trade your ship and a sailor. if you want all of these items that will be 1688 gwam. I ask of you will you help me get to north America.

I was born in Spain 1523 my mother just got a new home westward. I was going to sail to England to trade with the great king James. from my offers I'm hope to get valuable resources  for the family. to be able to go to England would be an honor and to see the king James. from the trip I hope to see paintings and sculptures. I wonder what it looks like now. iv heard story's from my father when I was a kid when he said that there was a war between the French and the English colonists in 1434.with king jams I am sure and positive he will like at least half of my offers. I want artifacts that I can keep forever. but the only problem is that I need a boat or a ship or some kind of transportation to get there. luckily  there was a canoe off the resort it did not seem like anybody was using it so I grabbed all my items and headed strait for England. farther out deeper in the Atlantic ocean the more I was lost, my fingers  would cramp up into a ball and would start to freeze. That's when I started to realize that I was in the middle of nowhere.  then a ship with a unicorn on the front was sailing in my direction. As I waved for help the ship lowered the ladders for me to get onboard. The captain confronted me with a suckering smile. the captain was wondering about what I was doing out here in the open. The man asked me where I was headed to. I told the man I wanted to see king James for an offer and trade. The man just laughed and said that him and the rest of the crew were going there as well to have a new homeland. The captain told me there is another bunker below the deck go get some sleep you seem tired. before I went to the cabin I almost forgot to get the rest of my stuff. heading back to the upper deck I told the captain that I needed my bag. he told me he put it in the storage room. I headed back to my cabin ready to get some rest until the next day. It was now morning, sliding from left to right in the bed as the ship jerked back and forth. The ship was ready to go to the land. Once there a man in armor and a horse. He greeted us and told us to follow him to the castle. the front doors were made up of wood, wool, iron, and copper. The man in the armor said for us to go to the table the king is there. We bowed our heads to the king with honor and enjoyment. the King said that he needed some troops for the battle against the French. I showed him the gladiators and special workers. He accepted the king gave me copper, iron, wool, and  gold. The king said that the Spanish, French, were coming to look for gold, and copper with iron. I was ready to head back home, the king said that I could come back anytime. we grabbed the crew and headed back for Spain. As in the middle again in the Atlantic ocean. the wind speed started to increase the water soon rose to the deck. this was a unusual storm. As everybody was on deck we all looked off the side of the ship to see what was happening. the was a tornado in the water other known as a whirl pool. the captain looked off the side and got blown down the ship was moving in all directions. no one was on the sail I had to grab the wheel to see if I can could turn us out of the wheel of death. the ship started to crack and break the more I tried, but there is no giving up now. I had an idea but it was a long shot, I wanted to see if I put it in full sail maybe because of the wind it could blow us out of the storm. The captain pulled the rope and the flew through the air like an airplane. the ship was totaled we were missing a sail but that storm brought us to land. The day was not that bad we got the things we needed and we were all at our homeland. I recommend we all do this again in the future.

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3 years ago

No king is going to fall for "magical beans."