The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Rental Furniture For Home Staging

Some home stagers work exclusively with homes that are nearly fully furnished. Others deal with their fair share of homes that are darn near barren. If your situation sounds more like the latter, you will likely have to consider whether or not to opt for rental furniture.

Renting offers some compelling advantages in home staging scenarios. For starters, you can avoid the huge upfront investment retailers demand for new furniture. Have you priced out a brand new living room set or sofa lately? The figures on the price tag are mind boggling to say the least.

Rental furniture also offers what in many cases can be considered unrivaled convenience. There's no need to worry about where you're going to store the merchandise because once you're done, it goes back to the store. On that note, most dealers handle shipping and setup, which spares you the cost and hassle of transporting bulky items from one location to the next.

While there's a lot to like about renting furniture, there is also cause for concern, mainly from a cost perspective. For instance, although you're only paying a fraction of the cost upfront, you could end up paying considerably more for the pieces over the long run. This is particularly the case in scenarios where you opt to rent to own. On the other hand, the cost aspect may not be much of any issue if renting is helping you consistently knock out staging projects and get a good return on your investment.

Another potential concern is mainly related to where you do business. Some furniture rental shops are limited in their selection, which of course, limits your ability to incorporate the pieces, styles, and brands you need to stage homes with maximum efficiency.

Offsetting the Negatives

Many seasoned home stagers will tell you that the pros of rental furniture outweigh the cons by far. By combining a huge selection with flexible payment options and no credit requirements, Buddy's Home Furnishings helps offset the potential downsides of rental furniture. Visit us at to learn how we can assist in your home staging endeavors.