The Aquarium Project by Dean Feldbush and Nathan Phillips

In this project we chose numerous Mickey Mouse Platys.  These fish were chosen because they thrive when together and require a small area in which to live.  The ten platys require only moderate plant life and live peacefully in aquariums.

In this situation a medium sized tank is needed to house the necessary components within the fish tank.  The tank is 36 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 20 inches tall.  The tank's volume is 10,800 cubic inches and it is able to hold 46.875 gallons.

There is a 2 inch thick layer of gravel that rests on the bottom of the tank.  The gravel's volume is 1,080 cubic inches and requires 15, 5 pound bags of aquarium gravel.  The color is deep sea blue to match the rest of the aquarium.

The Fish Equation:

We purchased 10 Mickey Mouse Platys for $1.00 each.

10 X 1.00 = x Dollars

The total cost of the fish is $10.00.

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