The Benefits Of Learning With LEGO Toys

Since the introduction of the revolutionary LEGO toys in 1940, these small building pieces can be found in almost every home all over the world, enabling kids to use their creativity and allowing imagination guide them. If you want your child to learn something useful while playing, all you need to do is visit a LEGO shop and see it for yourself that playing with LEGO toys can be both fun and educational for your child. After all, creativity is intelligence having fun. Fun fact: studies have discovered that the developmental toys for autistic children can help them and it can lead to improving their social skills. Besides emotional and developmental skills, your child can gain several great benefits from playing with LEGO toys.

Math Skills

Playing with LEGO bricks stimulates awareness of proportions and patterns. As your child builds, his mind is reasoning how big the creation should be, what pieces will work best and how to arrange them. It also helps learn fractions without even knowing it. LEGOs help children think in three dimensions, helps them balance weight and use support for the structures. They also develop math skills such as counting, adding, subtracting and the basic principles of geometry.

Builds Confidence

In the world of LEGO bricks there are no performance standards, no grades and no judges. It is all about your child, his imagination, creativity and the desire to build something he has always wanted to. Take your child to a LEGO shop and you will see the sparkles in his little eyes, looking at his world of endless possibilities. These toys will allow your child to build his own fantasy world. Once the masterpiece is finished, he will be so proud of his accomplishment. This feeling will increase the belief in himself and will allow him to realize that he can do whatever he sets his mind to do.


Before they start to build their masterpiece, children have to make a plan, even if it is only a basic one. They also have to organize their thoughts and LEGO pieces in order to construct their idea. Moreover, if they decide to work in a team to build something big, they will need to learn how to organize themselves and work together.

Development of the 3Ps

Sometimes, the building does not go the way your child has imagined it, and it might not be that easy. Patience, persistence and perseverance are some of the valuable things your child will learn as he plays with LEGOs.

  • Patience - to stay calm and not get frustrated.
  • Persistence - to keep trying new things to make his creation work.
  • Perseverance - to know that eventually it will work out, but he has to keep trying and work on it.

Eventually, the 3 Ps will pay off both in LEGO constructions as well as his life as a grown up.

Visit a LEGO shop and give your child happy days fulfilled with careless playing, creating and building their dreams.