The Center for Counseling and Health Resources

Founded by Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Gregg Jantz, Ph.D., The Center, Inc.’s A Place of Hope offers individuals a safe, respectful environment to pursue recovery programs for a variety of ailments. Aiming to address a number of conditions, from post-traumatic stress disorder to addictions, A Place of Hope, also known as The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, implements a whole-person approach to healing. The method, initiated by Gregg Jantz, endeavors to resolve any physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, rational, and relational issues a patient may develop.

Possessing a thorough understanding that individuals are vulnerable in many areas of their lives, A Place of Hope strives to examine all aspects that may contribute to a client’s suffering. Gregg Jantz utilizes his experience and extensive knowledge about disorders and treatments to develop a customized program for each patient at A Place of Hope.

Presenting an environment of acceptance, the team at A Place of Hope comprises licensed, reputable professionals aiming to guide patients through a recovery that is encouraging and uplifting. Intense emotions of anger, guilt, and fear can trigger an addiction or disorder and count as some of the issues explored by the licensed counselors and psychologists serving at the center. Medical professionals, nutritionists, and dieticians serving at A Place of Hope create personalized plans to help clients become physically healthy.

To learn more about the services and programs available at The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, or A Place of Hope, please visit You can also find a wealth of information on many health issues at A Place of Hope’s website.

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