The Company Of Shahzad Pirzada Brings Perfect Remedy For A Home-Based Pressure Ulcer

Shahzad Pirzada is the owner and President of Genadyne Biotechnologies, Inc. He has over two decades of experience in developing and delivering an array of respiratory products, specifically on its BIPAP and CPAP technologies as well as oxygen delivering systems. He supervises and manages 11 patents and multiple-pending on the air flotation surfaces, wireless weight scale systems, non-powered air surfaces, and blood circulation devices. His company develops and manufactures medical innovations such has powered and non-powered pressure relieving surfaces, wireless telemedicine solutions, wired and wireless weight scale systems, and negative pressure wound therapy systems.

Genadyne Biotechnologies, Inc. developed some of the less expensive therapeutic tools to fulfill the healthcare requirements and demands of the community with the help of its Research and Development team. It is also highly dedicated to assuring clients with the highest possible quality level in terms of the manufacturing and development of its products and services. The products are manufactured based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

Genadyne Biotechnologies, Inc. successfully offers an effective remedy for a home-based pressure ulcer. It is known as MNS 400 Alternating Pressure Relief System and this product helps in decreasing the effect of wound that may have cropped up, owing to the continuous pressure of the skin on the surface. This system is used for minimizing the pressure of the patient's body against the surface of the mattress and works by properly distributing the patient's body pressure and results in better blood circulation and prevention of formation of wounds. The mattress consists of 20, 8-inch deep air cells and it is a lightweight, portable, mattress replacement system that can fit most of the standard medical beds. To learn more about Shahzad Pirzada and products and services offered by his company, you can browse through the website

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