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Forte leads KFC to 2nd-straight Sunshine Cup

Week 2 was chock-full of back-n-forth match-ups. According to the Falliance Sports Group there were a record-high 327 lead-changes.

It started with a bang as Matt Forte scored 3 TDs on Thursday Night to give KFC a huge head start. Team BEER wasn't scurred tho, as Corey Coleman & LeGarrette Blount countered to give BEER their own big league... Until Monday Night when KFC capped off the comeback 114-109 for a second-straight win & Sunshine Cup! — KFC now leads the league in scoring by more than 30!

Cam Newton commanded the Centipedes but wasn't enough to overcome Isaiah Crowell & the Dead Birds as they win 99-94.

Favre Dollars battled hard but the Sky Clouds — led by QB Carson Palmer & FA pick-up TE Martellus Bennett secured a 108-102 win.

Slick Nicholas is still winless since the Championship — another tough-luck loss scoring 93 with the league's leading scorer, Matt Ryan. However, the Black Mamba Farewell Tour got on track — in his own words, "Top 3 in points without either of my 2 starting RBs yet??? Damn, about to wreck everyone" ... Okay, "Money Mike"... Final score: 116-93 Mamba.

A poor, poppycocky performance by the Wet Bandits allowed for an easy-win-made-difficult by the charging Darf Box — In the end Broncos D/ST couldn't do it all for Bandits. Darf Box — undefeated at 2-0 with the 87-78 victory.

Last, but certainly not least — My Ditka, Her Butkus tied Von Bologna Meat Monsters. Wah wahhh.

--- "What's that?"

I'm getting word we added fractional points 5 years ago?

*Checks scoreboard*

MEAT MONSTERS WIN!? 91-91! (by a wink more than 1/2 point)

Six yards was the difference in this one... But the Ditka mentality is certainly not to look back at what could have been — That's our job! Moncrief goes down with less than 1... Jets DST only picked up 1 point... Rivers over Roethelisberger... Tevin Coleman?

Meat Monsters, Darf Box, & KFC Karaokee remain undefeated!


Sunshine Cup: KFC KARAOKEE
KFC KARAOKEE opens with back-to-back SUNSHINE CUPS ☀️🏆 Big win over beer (109) w 3 TD from Matt Forte

Flag of Poppycock: WET BANDITS
Failed to score 79 in the first two weeks. Aside from the defensive points, Bandits only scored 53! After drafting #1 overall they are dead-last in scoring by more than 20 points.



• KFC leads league in scoring but also #2 in points-against
• Meat Monsters, Darf Box undefeated despite being in lower-half of total points
• First win? Favre Dollars vs Team BEER
• Will Mamba "wreck" the Wet Bandits?


The TFC was back in full force this week — unfortunately our beloved Fantasy Football App was on the fritz. The league spent countless hours watching Rodgers, Winston, Gordon & Green lite it up as we all wondered, "Is that guy playing against me ... or on my bench!?"

By the time the app woke up both Simon Bros were over 100! And a few of us were already drowning. One thing's for sure, the Battle Bockwich was one to watch — as Dead Birds & Aaron Rodgers were pounding it early; back-n-forth with Darf Box, finally succumbing late Monday Night as DeAngelo "DarfBox" Williams scored 29 capping off the comeback win by outscoring any other RB or WR in Week 1!

KFC Karaokee staged the most impressive win, scoring 137 as nine players (bench-included) scored over 10 points led by 31 Drew Brees points. Brees threw 27 of those points to Brandin Cooks & the Slick Nicks — fresh off that Championship — scoring 123 in the loss.

Aside from KFC only 2 teams outscored the defending champs: Baby Centipedes was one — Cam Newton & Spencer Ware help them overcome an average performance by the Sky Clouds.

The other, MDHB used CJ Anderson, Willie Snead, & Big Ben for the comeback win against Black Mamba in their final opening game. Poor way to go out if you ask me.

The Wet Bandits & Meat Monsters also move to 1-0 with big games from Antonio Brown & yes, Eli Manning, respectively.

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