The Harver Group Management on granting of service to holidaymakers

Manager Customer Service by Landal GreenParks tells

The bungalows of Landal GreenParks for many no unknown territory. Enjoy every year many people in a bungalow of Landal of their well-deserved vacation, in Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe. At Landal State service comes first, the guest always comes first. Paul Walker, the Manager Customer Service by Landal GreenParks, says: "our contact center knows no separate service or sales teams. We work from the principle Service = Sales. Every guest deserves the best service and high-quality service is of course a good selling point. "

With 50 seats and 100 employees acts contact center by Landal 365 days a year more than 400,000 calls and 200,000 emails off. From the beginning of 2015 here comes Live Chat at. Paul: "the course is very low, between 5 and 10%. An analysis of the course teaches us that this is often caused by General factors such as stop working, moving and people who are going to do something completely different. Landal or Landal culture are rarely the reason. “There is never any question of a mismatch? Paul: "of course, that so much for. If we once a year training group of 10 start we lose there will always be one. This may be because we are not satisfied or because employees do not sit the function. "

Why is the course than so low? Why is in the contact center by Landal (continue to) work? Paul: "Landal is known as a pleasant and commercially viable company. Selling Vacations is also more fun than selling pension policies or newspapers subscriptions. " But this is not the only explanation. Paul and do a lot more to this low gradient for Landal get together and retain. Paul: "the culture is at Landal huge informal, very transparent and almost familial. The company is going 100% for guest and this means that all noses are in the same direction. Of management to Concierge put everyone in for the same purpose, namely to provide our guests the best possible service. To be able to do this is the contact center of great importance. The employees are very appreciated. They often get after just one or two years of a contract for an indefinite period. This exudes confidence forward to our staff, I notice that they feel taken seriously. " Paul also has an eye for the further development of its employees. There is a lot of time and budget for the guidance and coaching of employees. With more than 70 parks and approximately 12,000 bungalows, it is important that the employees own product know well. This means that park visits are organised for them and park travel. The employees know exactly what they are selling or service to give.

But not everyone is suited for this work. How to find the right Landal Landal employees? And what is a real Landal employee? Paul: "first follow responses from a large number of telephone interviews. Then an interview and a mini assessment. This assessment consists of a language test, an intelligence test and a general development key. After that, the choice is made. The most important criterion is that the candidate sees the Service or Landal-flame in his eyes burn, does so also if at all. Also, selected on communicative ability, flexibility in a broad sense and attitude. " If the new Landal employee once goes to work trying to keep him involved Landal. Paul: "the staff do the real thing, they must transfer the experience. We tie them to Landal with culture, knowledge, activities, guidance and so on. " For this reason, Landal also no temporary forces. Someone just new is just as important as an employee with ten years experience. Paul: "on the one hand and, on the other hand, the development of skills is the key to increasing the product knowledge and with it the development of the loyalty of employees. Many employees receive over time Green blood and then go for Landal by the fire. You find it for example during peak crowds not difficult employees to work longer, they understand the need and want and need to always be there for guest. "

Paul's approach appears to work fine. Are there any issues to be addressed by the contact center by Landal? Paul: "of course out there though. The growth opportunities within the contact center are limited. This is certainly a concern but as of yet is the gradient layer. We do so apparently something good! "

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