The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a state- sponsored  systematic persecution and massacre of Jewry was from 1933 to 1945. They also targeted  Roma (Gypsies), physically and mentally disabled people and Poles. There was many more that were hit were homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Soviet prisoners of war, and political dissidents.

Concentration Camps

There were over 20,000 concentration camps established. These Camps were for the people that the Nazis targeted and went after. They were placed in these harsh and bitter conditions where most died because of their health and diseases.  They came to serve as holding centers for a rapidly expanding pool of forced laborers deployed on construction projects.

Americas Involvement

Many people attempted to escape Germany and became refugees that tried to get into the US. But it was very hard because of the economic problems from the Depression which led to other problems that grew in the US.  they made a limit on immigration so there would not be as many people coming over. Even with the law over 200,000 Jews found refuge in the US.

The History of the Nazi Party

From 1919 to 1932 there was a selection of associated governments that controlled Germany. This period in history was called the Wiemar Republic for the Germans. This stage in Germany, no one political party could establish a parliament majority without many disagreements in this which blocked the idea of a functional alliance so they abandoned the idea of it. Then they governed by presidential decree without parliamentary consent. The Nazi Party quickly increased its public support by advertising itself as a protest movement against the weakness and flaws of the Wiemar system.

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