The Importance of Focusing on Customer Experience

It is no surprise that entertainment businesses focus on sales and their bottom line, but organizations may be able to improve their earnings by redirecting some of their efforts towards customer experiences. According to the Gartner Group and the authors of "Leading on the Edge of Chaos," Emmett C. Murphy and Mark A. Murphy, companies that make customer experiences a priority see 60 percent higher profits than their competition.

ServiceCheck, a leading customer experience management company, offers solutions to entertainment businesses that enable them to improve both customer loyalty and entertainment customer recovery rates. One of those tools is CustomerLink, a program that allows entertainment businesses to collect and respond to customer feedback as well as providing resolutions for guest issues and repairing damaged relationships.

No matter how proactive a company is about keeping guests satisfied, problems will occur. CustomerLink allows entertainment companies to provide guests with a way to contact representatives and have their complaints logged and their concerns responded to. According to a variety of studies, the most effective customer retention techniques involve making customers feel valued.

CustomerLink accomplishes this by offering a variety of contact options, including live agents, email and social media, and making them available around-the-clock. In addition to letting people know that their comments are important enough to make this effort, a multi-channel 24/7/365 approach also increases customer contact rates. This is essential because the majority of unhappy guests won't report a problem when it occurs. Thanks to a multitude of options for getting in touch, guests can easily reach out in whatever way they find most convenient and according to their own schedule.

Another major benefit of using CustomerLink is that guest communications are logged and tracking is made available through web reporting in real-time. Organizations are able to look for common issues and identify and deal with them in a proactive manner, helping to keep customer experiences positive.

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