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Read about what is trending know and see what is going on in Oakhurst, California!!!

Before I start blogging i want to tell a little about me, Keylee, to you. I am a 7th grade that likes in Oakhurst, California. I'm looking for new things to try and want to stop the bullies in this world. Thought life was hard and it is, we have to live through it. I love making new friends from everywhere.

Long days


       Over the three day weekend I was having a crazy time. Let's see....... Aww. Saturday May 23rd , our 5th, 6th, and 7th grade basketball team, the Yosemite Badgers basketball, had a bake sale at the front to Vons in Oakhurst, California. Around ten o'clock I left for paintball in Fresno, California. Sunday  24th,  I woke up cleaning the the house for my brother's birthday. "Tomorrow-land" is what I saw and in my opinion it was alright. Round Table Pizza is the best pizza place in the world, well, I really haven't left the state that much. Monday May 25th, it was my brother Ryan's birthday, Happy late tenth birthday. I hiked up to some "Big Tree's," or giant Sequoya's by Yosemite National Park. P.S. I live about 45 minutes from Yosemite National Park.


     Some days I wish people were invisible. I rather be sitting in a ditch with my "Sister." Well, only sometimes of the day. Just look around, there are some people you love and some people you hate. We have to live through it. I thought today " What if you imaginary friend you have or had came to life and killed you?" I would think this would never happen, but the more stuff you don't believe in, will happen or come true (This is my thought not anyone else).


        SO far so good. I can breath in the fresh air without killing my self (Just kidding). I have been seeing weird things, so just like yesterday, everyone is invisible (Except a few people I  like). Working on poems again today (Click on the button below to see them).

      I've had crazy thoughts, even about P.E.. Well lets talk about that. So we had tennis baseball for P.E. @kaylakarronkitty123 picked it and it was just, I have no words for it. I like up beat games to play and that game was fun , but slow. The teams were both good, but at the same time it wasn't. Ask @joshuadiehl how it was. He will explain everything on his blog, I think he will.




Just why did we

have to go?

I want you until your gone.

By my side, thinking

How much I love you.

When you are gone,

I can't explain how much

I miss you.

                                                                                                         -Keylee Michele


        Okay, lets get to the fun stuff first. Already wrote four poems about bugs(I did ladybugs - "Strawberry Trees-" and spiders - "Dark"). Sitting outside in our school garden is one of the best places to be inspired to do poems at. " Your job is to right a poem about bugs, find a place not close to anyone and start writing." (This is n my own words, not my teachers)

         Lets skip to reassess. Wasuma is under construction of building a gym. Cool fact is that Wasuma Elementary School is going to have to first round gym in California(If I'm not right, which I think it is, ask @joshuadiehl). A fence goes around were the people are working and some of my friends have knocked it off balance a bit. Every time all four of us lean on it, it feels like we are going over. Let skip......... to 1:40 p.m. just finished and really confusing math assignment, even as @joshuadiehl .    


       Today, already, we started with poems(I add more to my poem page).  Switched classes and we are working on missing assignments. Our teacher left and we are suppose to be reading or working n are poems, well, I chose differently. To be honest, i don't like reading. Boring day.


      Woke up happy, but I don't know why.


      One of my best friends is leaving to Alaska ( @karronlawrence) and I want people to make tackks for her, if you don;t know her please ask me question and I will send info to you.  Next Monday I am throwing a party for her at lunch and I will video it and put it on. That is all I have to say for today. THANK YOU ALL WHO HELPS OUT!!!!


   Sorry I haven't been writing much. I have been busy with class and reading and sports. Well today is was like any other day, but someone almost dislocated my shoulder in basketball, it still hurts.


    Okay, Mrs. Seal, my math teacher, taught my class a really cool math trick and I am going to tell you how:

1. Write down your address

2. Multiply your address by two

3. Add five to that number you got

4. Multiply that the number you got by fifty

5. Add how old you are to the number you have

6. Add three-hundred- and five

7. Add six-hundred- and five to the number you got and move the decimal two spaces over

You should of got first your address and then your age after the decimal!!

Have you ever wondered?


         Have you ever wondered what is going on in your friends mind? Well, if you do , don't worried, I do too. I just want to know sometimes like: "What do they think of my clothes," or  " Do I sound crazy if I say that," and stuff like that.  COMMENT BELLOW A SMILEY FACE IF SO!!!


    Have you ever wondered what it would like to be a bug. If you could be one bug, what would it be(Comment bellow answer)? Bugs are small and we are big, so what to bugs think of us? Do you know how it feels?


   Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were British? Well, just a heads up, you can. For a week talk British, drink tea (Just saying, I don;t know that much about this stuff) almost everyday. If you just keep talking British, it will come naturally. Trust me, it works!


    Have you ever wondered how to make the cake cookies that you buy in stores? Well, here is the recipe:

1 box white cake mix

4 egg whites

1/3 cups vegitable oil


        Have you ever wondered about anything about me? Let me guess...... yes. If so, PLEASE ASK ME DOWN BELLOW AND I WILL ANSWER YOUR QUETIONS.

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Cool blog! I like your poems 😄

2 years ago

Thank you @PlainJane @joshuadiehl has a blog too that I think you would like.