F. Chris Garcia – Active Member of The Land of Enchantment Community

F. Chris Garcia is proud to possess not solely been a vigorous a part of the UNM tutorial community for thus a few years, however to possess conjointly been associate influential member of such a big amount of community organizations, boards and committees throughout his career. an extended time faculty member and leader inside the UNM department of government, Garcia committed a lot of of his time throughout his career to the service of various community organizations, doing his half to influence positive amendment for his community and for the state of latest North American country.

Chris Garcia, a former Associate Dean, Dean, vice chairman, academic administrator and even President of the University of latest North American country, is proud to volunteered a lot of of his free time to service of the community. Past positions embody that of authority to the Albuquerque Public faculties Citizenship Committee (1973-74), as authority to the Land of Enchantment Department of Health and Social Services United kid Care, Inc. (1974), as member of the “Four Star News” Editorial board (1977-78), as member of the Task Force on highschool social science Education for the NM State Department of Education (1978-79) and as Associate General Chairman of the 1983 United means Campaign Community Services space.

Chris Garcia, associate UNM alum and faculty member retired of government, has conjointly served on the Mayor’s Committee on “Goals for Albuquerque” Writers committee (1983-1984), on the UNM Pope joy Hall Board of administrators (1987-90), on the Albuquerque Civic opera comique Association Board of administrators (1985-91) and as a member of town of Albuquerque Charter Revision Task Force (1998-99).