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Whitney Ortiz

I have been working on cars for more than 25 years. I work on all makes and models and I will be happy to come to you to help with any car problems you might have.

Visit here: Whitney Auto Repair

Amor Aquino

I have been working on cars since 1982. I have worked for BMW, Nissan and Toyota dealers over the years. I am semi-retired and I keep myself occupied by working with people like you who need help with their cars.

Visit here: Aaquino Auto Repair

Grzegorz Kilon

I am a European Trained Car Mechanic with 30 plus years of experience. I like to work on European cars and have the Tools and Experience to help you with all your car repair needs.

Visit here: Gkilon Auto Repair

Raul Huerta

I have worked as a mechanic for over 25 years and am an A.S.E. Certified Master Technician with experience with Asian, Domestic and European auto repair. In addition, I am a certified specialist in Lexus,Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti and Hybrid vehicles.

Visit here: Rhuerta Auto Repair

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