The Outsiders Playlist

Social Ostracism

Cool Kids is about all about social ostracism in today's society and is a perfect song to represent how some of the Greasers felt like.

Forbidden Love

Billy Joel is dating a girl from the rich, "uptown". Her parents never really liked guys from the downtown, and he wants to go and prove them wrong, that he's "not so tough." Just like Cherry and Ponyboy.


"I'll be there for you" is a song about friendship, and talks about always being there for a friend. Like how the Greasers were always there for each other when they were needed.

Sodapop's Playlist

This kind of represents how Sodapop felt about his girlfriend and how she moved away from him.

Johnny's Playlist

We chose this song because it fits Johnny's situation. He was mistreated by his parents and the Socs. He made a "mistake" when he killed Bob and ran away with Ponyboy.

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