The Paleolithic Diet is more than a Diet - It’s a Standard of Living

Teresa Moore has been using the Paleolithic diet for years. She’s a successful model with flawless skin, a smile that rivals the bright sun, and a youthful sparkle in her eyes. How does she do it? The basic scheme of the Paleolithic diet is to eat foods that are not processed, or “fake.” Fake foods include salt, cereal grains (Teresa excludes bran and oatmeal), refined vegetable oils, sugary mixers and sodas, dairy, refined sugar, potatoes, wheat, legumes (yes, including peanuts) and fat-free products (yes, fat-free products!)

But life today is filled with those products. You can go to the grocery store, and you’d think that just about every single one of them is anti- Paleolithic diet. True, you need to seek out and conquer, and get creative with your recipes, but after a short time of taking tips from Teresa’s Paleo Diet Blog and a little bit of will-power from yourself, you’ll find you’re twenty pounds lighter and a lot springier in your step.

So what are the good items on the Paleolithic Diet? Nuts and Seeds (yes, these are different from legumes), healthful oils, lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, eggs, fish and seafood and grass-produced meats. Within these healthy morsels you’ll find an abundance of all the calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals. No need to pack in extra calories with dairy foods or sugary snacks. Once your body becomes accustomed to the Paleolithic Diet, you’ll find yourself craving less sugar and actually disliking it when you do have it.

On Teresa’s Paleo Diet Blog she says, “Have high standards in your food and it will reflect in your body and mind.” She knows what she speaks; she’s a beautiful model with “healthy” written all over her. In her Paleo Diet Blog she says she likes to keep things real by having a fun and fresh relationship with food. Her advice is to spend more time with nature, eat more naturally and clean, as opposed to unnaturally and unhealthy, so we can feel good about ourselves and the world around us.

Her dream is to host a food TV show where she can showcase the most delicious, inventive, trendiest cuisine at cafes, restaurants and street fairs in NYC.

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