The Perfect Buying Guide for Purchasing a Contractor Air Compressor

Compressors are used in a number of different industries including construction. Where you are working on the frame of a home or are just trimming some wood, you will need an air compressor to power the machines that are being used.
While you can choose to build your home entirely with a hammer and some nails, this would definitely take a lot of time and patience. An air compressor makes the job much easier and less time consuming.


There are a number of different types of construction air compressors. A few of them have been listed as follows:

  1. Twin-Stack Compressors: These have two air tanks and can therefore store more air. Twin-stack compressors are the right choice for trimming work. Therefore, you will often see a carpenter working with one of these. Twin-stack compressors can be found in both portable and stationary variety depending on the weight and functionality.
  2. Portable Single-Stage Compressors: There compressors are popular bot with carpenters as well as those who need to use compressors regularly for long durations. Single stage compressors can compress air in a single stroke. Because they give higher efficiency than other portable air compressors they are more expensive.
  3. Wheelbarrow Compressors: A wheelbarrow compressor is designed for larger industrial uses. It is deployed at job-sites. Such an air compressor is built with powerful engines and has huge tanks to contain air. The wheelbarrow compressor is designed to handle challenging demands and conditions that arise at a construction site. These are stationary air compressors an can weigh up to 300 lbs.
  4. Truck Mount Compressors: Bulky and huge, truck mount compressors are extremely powerful compressors. A truck mount compressor can weigh several hundred pounds and is capable of giving very high CFM values. Large air tools can be easily operated using a truck mount air compressor.
  5. DC Compressors: These compressors are used in vehicle DC voltage system. This means that these compressors are extremely popular with race teams and RV owners.

The above listed are the five main types of compressors used in the construction industry. You can know from the function of each,

which one fits your requirement. Within each type that has been listed above, there are subcategories. For example, in single-stage compressors there are portable as well as stationary air compressors.

Once you have taken a final call regarding the type of air compressor that you need to purchase, as an ‘informed’ buyer you need to read a bit more about each type of compressor so as to understand their functioning better. It is solely up to you whether you wish to purchase the compressor from a physical retail shop or from an on-line retail portal. Whether you are making an on-line purchase or are buying from a physical retail shop, it is also important to read the user manual.

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