The Relationship Between Love Poems For Her And Music

Usually you won’t meet music and poetry in the same sentence, except for hip hop music. These two things have greater similarities than those observed by the public and media.

For example: Rhythmic Expression of Emotion - In Pakistan you can find a very stable link between the one who is writing love poems for her girlfriend, and the one who makes music for her, it also has a very rich tradition of poetry which is heavily diverse. A strong tradition has Sufi poetry which is often recited and sung. Pakistani ranges from old and traditional styles to forms that mix traditional Pakistani music with Western music. Also there is a diverse tradition of folk music, modern styles and rock bands.

These love poems for her from the heart are a form of poetry which makes music and they are musical lyrics. They can be used in songs or left as words and a specific rhythm, they are expressions of the author through lyrics. Lyrical poetry is not the only poetic form that can make a song, even though it is the only type directly related to melody. In this category we can put Rap. Rap uses rhythm, rhyme, alliteration and other poetic attributes, it is directly linked to poetry and yet it is still music.

In Pakistan bands write their own short love poems for her for songs and these lyrics are made to the taste and of the young generation. They have simple lyrics and are made to the comprehension of the younger generation and that is why they are famous and loved by the young generation. Some of the singers will recite the poems and the lyrics of the Great Poets. Poetry is music without, but not in a generalized manner. Flow, rhythm, meaning and expression are the things that poetry is all about. Instrumental music shows emotion and expresses flow just as music with words do.