The Remarkable Professional Journey Of Ricardo Moises Pedrosa Depicts His Brilliancy

Ricardo Moises Pedrosa has experience in overseeing operations, rentals, and servicing of heavy and construction equipment for multi-million dollar projects. He has maintained an exceptionally strong reputation for providing quality services.

Ricardo Moises Pedrosa is a real estate development and construction professional with ten years of extensive experience acquiring, developing, renovating and reselling over $200 million in Residential and Commercial Properties and Undeveloped Land throughout Florida. His professional experience also includes over two decades of experience in business development as well as in the mortgage & information technology industry.

Mr. Pedrosa is the Branch Manager for “High Tech Lending”. He has been serving at this designation since 2008 after he was selected by a national company to manage the branch center in South Florida. As the Branch Manager, he provides loan counseling to clients and tries to generate new business through the presentation of bank products. From 1999 to 2008, he was the President at The Home Mortgage Specialist in Weston, FL. He also served as the President at Equitable Funding Group (1997-1999), Executive Account Manager for Aames Home Loan (1995-1997), and as Director of Sales And Operations at DTK Computers (1988-1995).

While serving in each role, Ricardo Moises Pedrosa worked to the best of his ability and led his team by example. His construction administration, plan development, contract negotiation, underwriting, marketing, budget counseling, relationship building, and organizational skills played an integral role in placing him above his competitors. He has been honored with many awards, like – “Outstanding Performance” award by Washington Mutual (2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005), “Elite Partner” award by ABC American Broker's Conduit (2006), “Outstanding Production” award by Countrywide (2006), and many more.

Mr. Pedrosa received his Associate in Arts degree in the subject of Civil Engineering from Miami-Dade College, in Miami, FL. Later, he attended Florida International University, in Miami, FL to complete his Bachelors in Business Administration.

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