The right way to buy 100% cotton greige yarn

First of all, we need to understand the ins and outs of 100% cotton greige yarn:

When we say 100% cotton greige yarn, we mean the purest form of cotton available in the market. This is one premium type of cotton that is not processed – by not being processed, we mean that the yarn does not go through any bleaching, dyeing or printing. And since it’s not processed, it can be put to use in a hundred different applications wherein other cotton types may not work well.

Where to look for cotton greige yarn?

Quite obviously, you should connect with the cotton yarn suppliers in India since the country is the second largest in the world in cotton production.

The cotton mills employ high end machines to produce 100% cotton greige yarn and other types of yarn. And since there is easy availability of raw cotton in this country, cotton yarn buyers can expect cotton prices to be extremely competitive.

In addition to India, China, Pakistan, USA, Brazil, and Australia are some other notable cotton producing countries.

The texture check

The texture of the 100% cotton greige yarn says a lot about its quality. So do not miss out on this easy to use test to determine the quality of the greige yarn; ideally the texture should feel soft to your hands.

If you are new in the trade, make sure you take help from a cotton expert who’s been into cotton buying and selling for long and thus, can help you determine the quality of the yarn.


Comparison helps no matter what you are buying. As smart cotton yarn buyers, you should request quotes for greige yarn from a couple of reputed yarn sellers. This comparison would help you zero-in on yarn suppliers which best suit your requirements.

We’re done for this post. But stay tuned for our future posts which would talk about cotton industry, its challenges, its contributions, and the new mediums that are popping up to help cotton players trade smartly.