Still Don’t Appreciate The Role Of Mobile In Search? Be Prepared For More Shocks!

Google just grew up and it expects everyone to follow the new rules of game it has laid down. Recently, sites that are not as mobile friendly came under fire of the bots. Serious drops in ranks shocked the bejesus out of site owners – small, medium and big; and it took several months to recover from it.

Why So Much Attention to Mobile-Friendliness?

Mobile phones are cheap to own and replace and people in the Indian subcontinent are going crazy over their new mobile devices. For every one desktop user there are several more looking for the same information on their mobile phones. You will appreciate the fact that Google’s main product is search and the more relevant results they serve the better off they are at staying the number one choice of search. And they have found out that there are more mobile users than all desktop users all over the globe. That is the reason why they are so eager about making the internet an interesting place for mobiles.

If the mobile version of your website is not good enough, Google might even consider down ranking your website to a level to something way below than it has ever been. How do you find out where you are headed with your site?

Find out if Google loves you

Are you sure that you are doing everything right with your mobile? If yes, then there will be a tag showing you all the love Google has for you and it reads ‘Mobile Friendly’. If you can’t see it against the name of your site, you are missing something and Google is not happy about it.

Check out ‘Mobile Friendly Test Tool’, it is one of the most amazing tools you can get your hands on for a quick and comprehensive understanding of what went wrong.

Determine your priorities

The Google test will show you where you need to focus in the time to come and the sooner you do so, the better. Find a trustworthy SEO Company in Oman and plan out how you want to go about rectifying issues Google threw at you.