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Prateek Sahay

The Rumor Mill

iPad Mini

As of now, the juiciest rumor is that Apple will be releasing a somewhat long-anticipated iPad Mini, a 7" version of its 9.8" three generation-old bigger brother. Reports have all but confirmed factories in China working on 7" tablets for Apple, and the iPad Mini is expected to release in a press conference on October 17 in a much smaller event than those for the iPhone or iPad. A few years ago, Apple did another similarly small press event at the Guggenheim Museum in New York to announce textbooks for iPad.

Since the release of the original 9.8" iPad, competitors have been releasing their own tweaked tablets, often running Android Honeycomb, but not quite at Apple's very competitive price of $500 for the base model. Some quickly began releasing smaller tablets to delve into the market of smaller and cheaper 7" models priced at $200.

One of the first major releases during this time was the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Fire was Amazon's first attempt at a piece of the quickly growing tablet market, and sold well. Amazon in August revealed more models of the successful Kindle Fire line, consisting of a revamped version of the original Fire, called the Fire HD, priced again at $200, and Wi-fi and 4G LTE models of the larger Fire HD 8.9", priced at $300 and $500, respectively. Amazon has decided to continue selling the original Fire, now reduced in price to $160.

Apple TV

Rumor also has it that Apple is working on a full television set. There isn't much news on expected features, just pure speculation. Personally, I don't expect it to be a complete overhaul of the TV industry the way iTunes was to the music industry, reason being that the TV industry is more or less happy the way it is now, a far cry from the condition of the music industry in the early 2000s. Jobs had to work extremely hard to get music artists to cooperate with his iTunes venture before the release of iTunes in 2001. You might argue the advent of streamable content from services like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix are definitely interfering with the TV industry, as are DVR and TiVo services that allow users to skip ads, which has slowly brought down the price of TV ads. But even to that, I can say the TV industry is still thriving and growing. It has no need for an overhaul. There are, however, rumors that Apple has been talking to TV providers asking them to release . It could be that the Apple TV will let you see any show or movie aired on TV, ever.

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