"The 5 Explorers"

Topic: The 5 Senses


Collaborate, Discover, Reflect, Motivate, Participate, Create, Know, Relate

Short Description

Sensory Experimentation, Plastic Activities, Oral Activities, Reading and explanation of contents, Realization of digital computer exercises.


Natural and Social Science


3rd course of Primary Education, 8 years

Basic Competences

1.Lingüistic communication competence

3. Competence in knowledge and interaction with the physical world

4. Processing of information and digital competence

5. Civic and social competence

6. Cultural and artistic competence

7. Learning to learn competence

8. Personal autonomy and iniciative competence

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Firstly we must say that all the activities we have created to this project are in our BLOG.


*In the TEACHER'S TAG you can find all the instructions children must follow to work the Sense's topic.

*In the STUDENT'S TAG you can find an example of all the activities that the children have done and their experiences doing them.


Los estudiantes deben leer un teatro en el blog y hacer un concurso en línea en Internet de forma otro grupo de estudiantes en la clase.

Teatro->  http://the5explorers.blogspot.com.es/2014/05/2nd-e ...

Test Online ->  http://www.onlinequizcreator.com/the-5-explorers/e ...

We start with each sense:


                                                                        2. SIGHT

Activity 1: "Play"

The children play a game about finding differences between two pictures with the objetive that they realice how things can change and all we can appreciate with our eyes.


Activity 2: "Picsart"

 After that students must download in their mobile or iPad an app called PICSART that allow them to distort pictures in everyways. They must take pictures in the playground and tune them with this app. By this way children play with the sense of sight and they started to realice how easy reality can be distorted.

(here we have post the both pictures as an example)

Activity 3: "Blindness"

We would like to introduce  disabilities topic and the respect for them. For it, we have created an activity were students must covered their eyes and be guided by other group mate. Students then make a reflexion in the blog about how they have felt and how they can help blind people.


                                                                    3. HEARING

Activity 1: "What sound is it?"

Students must record sounds make with their own body. Then they have to upload it in Youtube but without any letter or image. Then, they have to exchange their videos with other group in class an try to guess the other's sound. Then correct the answer between groups.

The goal is that students understand how much you can discover just paying attention with their ears.

Actividad 2:"My beatbox group"

Los estudiantes deben llevar sus computadoras y entrar en esta aplicación informática:   http:/ /www.incredibox.com/

Entonces ellos pueden crear su propio grupo de beatbox. De esta manera se pueden diferenciar entre los agudos y los tonos graves y speriment con los sonidos y con sus oídos.

Students working with Incredibox

Activity 3:"Deaf for a day"

To finish, we again want to introduct the disabilities in te class. For this, firstly, students play a game where they have to plug their ears and talk between each other witouth shouting. By this way they relice how difficult is to communicate and do normal life for deaf people. They have to search on Internet about this disability and make a reflexion in their Blog about how they can help Deaf people.

Deaf for a day!


                                                                      4. TOUCH

How do you know if an object is smooth, rough, soft, or if it is hot or cold? The sense of TOUCH helps you to discover this.

Activity 1: " Touch, Touch!"

They have to pass to other classmates the obtjects that they had to bring to the class.

After touching the different objects, they have to classify it depends on their texture. The students have to show an example in the blog.

The goal is that the children differentiate different textures and they learn with this.

Activity 2: "Take a  photo of me!"

They have to go to the playground and take photos of different textures.

After this,  they have to upload the photos to a website called PINTEREST.  They must put the different photos there and telling the different textures they have capture with their mobile.




Has happened to you that when you enter to your house and breathe deeper you're absolutely able to guess the food thet is preparing your mother or your father?

But...how can you know what it is cooked if you haven't seen the food? How amazing is all we can discover just with the sense of the SMELL, isn't it?

Dennis Wong (CC BY 2.0)

Activity 1: "My airfreshner"

They have to create their own airfreshener with the essences (good or bad) that they have to bring from their houses so they have to look for information about how they can to this.


Later, they must close their eyes and try to said if this smell is good or bad and try to discover what is inside without the other senses.

Remember, they have to writte their experiences and examples of all the activities in their blog. Here, you can see an example:

                                                                     5. TASTE

Activity 1: “It Taste of…”

First of all they have to take their computer and investigate the different tastes it can be. Search for an example of each of them and to have cleared the flavour.

The leader will be the only one with the eyes uncovered.

The rest of the group must cover their eyes and sit in silence in their table.

The leader must give carefully and ramdonly some of the food they have bought to the rest of the group. They leader must also take notes about how their classmates describe the flavour first and then trying to guess what it is.

With this activity, they will learn and differentiate the different tastes.

Activity 2: "Thinglink it!"

They have look for different pictures of food with different tastes in FLICKR (Creative Commons).

Then they have to do a collage online with the FOTOR PROGRAME .

Finally they have to upload the collage in THINGLINK and tag each photo with the taste.

Like this: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/526355820426821634

FINAL ACTIVITY "The corner of the senses"

To conclude the topic about the 5 senses we are going to create a corner to foster sensory experimentation through the senses. This corner will have been create during the all sessions by the students who will have bring to the class a variety of materials that we can taste, smell, touch, listen and also we can see.

This day all students will have studied, by groups, the sense that the teacher have assigned to them, and they must make a kind of group exposure to the rest of his classmates, and we will also invite the other classes of the same course to see the activity students have prepared.

Transversal themes

  • Attention to diversity and respect for people with disabilities. "Blindness" and "Deaf for a day".
  • Solidarity, school and social life, participation, cooperation, respect, teamwork. (In all activities).

Check list


We use a participatory and active methodology based on meaningful learning from the detection of previous knowledge that children have, and also learning by discovering, using ITC´s resources.


We will evaluate students considering 3 different things:

The evaluation will take place by direct observation of the children through their participation and collaboration in the blog (1). In addition, we will consider the presentations in "The corner of the senses"(2) about the work carried out during the different sessions to check that they have acquired concepts related to the senses.

In the blog we have created a section in which each group can do their self-evaluation(3) as well as evaluating the work of their classmates. In addition each group will answer questions like: What have I learned? What is it that I will never forget the topic of the senses? What do I like most of what I have learned? What difficulties have I found? Does everyone collaborate on the work?


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