The adventures of Salva and Nya

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Read the true story A long walk to water to hear the inspirational adventures of two kids from South Sudan...

"I can give advice to anyone interested in writing in one word: Read! I think it's much more important to be a reader than to be a writer!"

                                                                             -Linda Sue Park

Linda Sue Park

Linda Sue Park's novels are inspirational, including my personal favorite out of all her children's books is A Long Walk To Water. In this Novel you can get the knowledge of a true story but also experience the true life of a child, Salva, in which he suffered losing his family in a war, and had to survive a vast journey throughout his life. Linda Sue Park's books are so inspiring, it would let you imagine being in the eyes of the story.

A little about Linda Sue Park

Linda Sue Park was born in Urbana, Illinois on March 25th,1960. She was awarded with the Newbery medal in 2002 for the book "A Single Shard".  She writes teen-fiction, but also children's novels and picture books. Her parents immigrated to the United states from South Korea.

-Linda Sue Park, Below

-South Sudan Water Sources Using Wells, Below

"People should not judge me on what they hear. Let them wait and see me in action. Then they will see how I serve my people."

                                                                         -Salva Kiir Mayardit

-An Inspirational Clip That Describes the adventures of Salva and Nya which also encourages  to read "A long Walk To Water"

"A Long Walk to Water shows you how Salva’s story and Nya’s story are related even though they take place 25 years apart."

                                                                -Indianapolis Public Library, Carrie

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