The Breakfast Book 2


breakfast meal
buffalo n bean chill w/haricot verts

Its called 'break- fast' for a reason- you're coming out of at least 8 hours of fasting, (we hope), and need to replenish blood sugar- AND ALSO- fuel up for the day. It doesn't mean we get high on coffee, sugar or other stimulants, like sugar laden boxed cereals, or chocolate croissants, or pseudo breakfast bars…no-no-no (just say No), that's sure to give you a ride on a roller coaster you never need and will surely create metabolic havoc.

Eat a meal. Please. Have a good quality protein, some good fats, and some good 'carbs' (poor carbs get such a bad name these days). 'Good' carbohydrates are complex carbohydrates because, very basically, they contain the fibre. Good complex carbohydrates are:
Vegetables- the most assimilable mineral rich sort, plus high in fibre.
Whole grains, not whole grained cereal bars or whole grained Cheerios- ideally you can seeeee the grain in its most whole form, or at least close.
And whole Fruit. Notice I say 'whole fruit'. Fruit juice is not whole and not a good choice. By removing natures intelligent fibrous component from fruit you reduce it to a simple sugar. Fructose isn't your friend unless its as part of the whole fruit- - more deleterious than sucrose. Now you can sneer and say 'oooo, carrrrbs!', because that's the truth- fruit juice is a simple carrrrb. But that's a whOle other conversation which I may have to rant about another time.

So. Today's breakfast really does look like something you'd have for dinner. And that's the way it really should be. Breakfast like a king- or queen. My queendom deserves so much more, but I was in a rush actually so this is what I could muster.

Yesterday I'd made a large portion of organic grass fed buffalo and mixed bean chili with green olives yesterday with the aim of freezing the leftovers, but it was so yum decided to have it for breakfast. With some lovely green beans. I so love green beans! I usually eat them with my hands, food tastes so much better that way, don't you think? I'm sure there's some paleo research that may prove the worthiness of this behaviour yet! This was only 200 grams- definitely not enough for me but all I had left of them. I had different greens for lunch and dinner to make up my, now up to 600g, daily veg intake.

Buffalo is a very lean, good quality fat protein source. Very tasty too. Coupled with the beans is a whopping protein rich breakfast, with loads of good fibre which will guarantee slow release energy. Higher proportioned protein breakfasts are great for when you have a brain demanding morning. But don't leave out the vegetable carbohydrates, like these beans, high in folates, but also a wide range of essential minerals. I could bore you but what and how many but just eat it. They're all necessary.

Treat yourself like a Queen/King- eat a meal for breakfast!