Who is Jam?
(A glimpse of my outlook in LIFE)


NAME: Jamila Gail “JAM” Talaña

AGE: 17

BIRTHDAY: December 19, 1996

RELIGION: Iglesia Ni Cristo

STATUS: Single

Back story...

Who am I? I am Jam. I’m a young girl who takes each opportunity as a big one but takes it one step at a time. I may be seventeen but there’s a lot more to it. I would like to inspire everyone in the world with my philosophies in life for everyone to appreciate how great life is as much as I do. I know this dream of mine can be possible with the help and guidance of God.

No one’s too young to start living their dreams. That’s why I wanted to start in a young age being able to build myself up and my family. I have my five priorities in life:

1. GOD





Yes, it is arranged chronologically. So whenever huge choices must be made in life. I always make sure that this order is followed. I also suggest this order to people. It has been very helpful for me.

As I continue this activity, I would try my very best to make the best out of my blogs especially to readers so it would benefit them too.  So I hope you enjoy!

Once again, this is Jam signing off to Blog 2.