The Black Empire

"Power, Primacy and Protection."

The Flag of the black empire

Our flag's symbol and colors have great meaning to our country.

  • Red: Represents leadership and superiority.
  • Black: Represents protection, safety and shelter and from the external dangers of rest of the world.
  • White Crown: Represents purity and wealth.

Constitution of the black empire

Constitution of The Black Empire


The name of this country will be the Black Empire.


The purpose of this country is to provide the best protection for our citizens and give them top living qualities, advanced education and a successful living environment to thrive above any other country. Our country teaches citizens to become leaders (academically, physically, emotionally and socially) at an early age to ensure the success of the Black Empire’s existence.


There is only one way to be considered a citizen; one must be born within the country. Each citizen must meet the required academic standards, follow the strict rules of the country, and give 100% effort in all of their tasks. The government requires every citizen to work for the government and promote the Black Empire in positive ways. They are also requested to follow a normal, non-rebellious lifestyle and to refrain from having ideas against the country to prevent being punished.


William Chapman III is the leader of our country. The Black Empire has a totalitarian government. The citizens of the Black Empire will be allowed to pick the leader by voting, but there will only be one name in the ballot (William Chapman III). The government will ensure that the government won't become corrupt by setting strict laws in place, rewarding ideal citizens with better living opportunities (nicer houses, more food, different food varieties, etc.) and enforcing the idea of punishment.


The government will do its best to make sure that everyone living in the country is safe and secure. They will do whatever it takes to protect their citizens. The government promises to give freedom, education and the best living conditions for all the people they will have a house and they will will never run out of food to eat. The people should follow orders at all time or else they would have to face consequences. They will never question the government. 


1. All citizens must be in their homes by 10 p.m.

2. All citizens must fulfill the minimum community service requirement of 5 hours per week.

3. All citizens must vote on monthly issues.

4. All citizens that are 18 years of age and older must give a tithe of 10% of their salary per month to the leader.

5. No citizen is allowed to be home from 7 am to 10 pm on Sundays. This time is completely dedicated to worshiping the leader.

6. Rations of food will be reduced for the entire household if any crime should be committed.

7. Should any citizen steal extra rations, they will be hung publicly during the Sunday worship ceremony. This will reinforce security of all citizens, so that no single person will go left unfed.

8. Women are not allowed to drive a vehicle unless they are assisting their husband with a physical disability.

9.  If you are persecuted for committing a crime you shall have fair trial and the government will assign you your defense lawyer.

10. Children of seven years and older are required to attend five hours of military training per day.


Public education is offered to all children starting from age four. Parents must pay tuition of $20,000 per year for each child attending school. As for universities and colleges, the child must pay for it on their own. Any adult caught paying for their child’s education after age 18 will be persecuted. Shall anyone deny education, they will be enrolled in military school where they are taught respect and discipline.


Our flag has four rectangles in the form of a checkerboard. The top right side is red, top left is black, the bottom right side is black and the bottom left side is red.  The color red represents leadership and superiority and the color black represents top security and protection. Our flag has a white crown in the middle that stands for wealth and purity.


The Gargoyle is the figurehead of The Black Empire. In Medieval times, the gargoyle was so scary-looking, that  it frightened off evil spirits; in present times though, it represents security from anything negative outside of our country.

Figurehead: the gargoyle

Our figurehead is a gargoyle, which symbolizes security and the absence of negativity. The gargoyle is in a guarding position, which shows the Black Empire guarding its entire people. Its claws with sharp nails show that it (the Black Empire) is always ready to fight if anyone challenges it. The gargoyle has wings that hover over, such as a security blanket protecting the people. Paola is the face of our figurehead, with a daring expression. The ears are perked up to hear absolutely everything, just as the government does.

Figurehead story

           Our figurehead, the Gargoyle, symbolizes security that shall be provided for every citizen of The Black Empire. Centuries ago, the stone gargoyle was mounted on four corners of a building to ward off negativity. Gargoyles typically have stone-cold (pun intended) fearless expressions that portray security and power.

On the Black Empire’s early days, our great leader, William Chapman III, was in deep thought on what the official figurehead of our country would be. While taking a trip outside of the country, he stumbled upon a vacant castle. The castle was enormous, with four stone gargoyles on each corner of the castle. Green moss was growing from the sides of the left wall and he also noticed that there was a beautiful garden to its right; he was fascinated by this impressive structure. As he examined it closer, a pack of rabid wolves neared him with feral expressions. They approached him with great speed, ready to rip his flesh open and kill him. Without another thought, Chapman dashed to the safety of the vacant castle with the gruesome growls of two dozen wolves behind him. Unfortunately, the castle was so worn down that it didn’t have windows or even a door. He knew this was surely the end of him for the wolves would easily run in after him. As he entered the castle through the door-less opening, he hid under a table in the dining room and awaited his death, the growls only became louder. William Chapman shut his eyes out of great terror. What happened next was miraculous: the wolves did not enter the castle. They seemed trapped outside, despite the obvious opening on the building’s front wall. They sat down on the front porch and stared at Chapman for what seemed like hours, their expressions lost the look of hatred and turned into looks of terror and vulnerability. Eventually, they became tired and walked away with their tails between their legs. When he finally felt secure, he walked outside and the wolves were nowhere to be found.

When he returned from his trip, he decided on what the figurehead would be. The figure head would be the Fearless Gargoyle. He concluded that the gargoyles mounted on the castle were what saved him from a gruesome death. To this day, the gargoyle is the well-respected mascot of The Black Empire.

The ministry of love

Thousands of citizens are sent to the beloved Room 101. It is here where all is corrected. “All are the same” is a motto The Black Empire lives by. We make sure that all citizens are given equality. Therefore, all must be equal. This is the utmost task of Room 101: to make sure all citizens are cleansed from corruption, so that they may live in the perfect safe haven they were granted by the government at birth.

A woman dressed in all black with golden bifocals patrolled the room. “Tell me Mr. Sanders, why is it that you have such a strong hatred for this man?” The woman held up a black and white photo of a scrawny being who wore a large grin on his face. Mr. Sanders bolted up, trying to free himself of the chains around his wrists. “He slept with my wife! I’d kill him a second time, third even, if I got the chance!” The woman sighed. “Erase the murder.” As commanded, the young man behind the rambunctious machine pulled a lever. An egg shape attached to the top of Mr. Sanders’ head. After a minute the man in charge of the lever took the machine back to its original position.

“Mr. Sanders”, she began as she lifted up the photo. “Why do hate this man?” Again, he forced his body upwards. “He slept with my wife!” “You forgive him, in honor of our holy leader, William Chapman III.” Mr. Sanders’ eyes filled with rage at her remark. “Don’t doubt for a second that I wouldn’t kill him if I had the chance!”

Again, the woman sighed. “Erase the adultery.” Once more, the machine found itself attached to Mr. Sanders’ head. The picture positioned directly in front of Mr. Sanders’ eyes, the woman asked, “Why do you hate this man?” Dumbfounded, he gazed at the picture. “Never have I seen that man in my life. Nor do I hate anyone ma’am. Our leader has taught us to direct all emotion into strengthening our country.”

Satisfied, the woman set down the photograph and focused her attention on the man operating the machine. “Take a lunch break Mr. Walters. Our work was a success.”


Propaganda video


The Black Empire National Anthem

We are the Black Empire

Everlasting and true

All are granted protection

That includes you

Without us all would perish

No shield to cover from threats

But follow us and you

Shall live with no regrets

A perfect safe haven

No fighting or frustration

All are the same

No existence of imagination

Secure by the government

No crime is overseen

No burglars or murderers

All is watched by the screens

Security is all you want

Security is all you need

Security is all you will have

No reason to beg and plead

No soul shall go hungry

No soul shall go cold

No soul is left behind

Follow us and you’re gold

We stand together tall with pride

Let the Black Empire unite!



Extra Credit: OUR National Anthem SONG


Made By:

Jazmin Paz

Cheryl Gutierrez

Vanessa Pacheco