Rube Goldberg

Rube was born on july 4th,1883. Rube started drawing at age 4! Rube is famous for writing cartoons. Rube started out drawing sports players. Rube has won the pulitzer prize. one cartoon is of a lot of hard things to lead to a simple task. Rube earned his degree in engineering at California college in 1904.  He was a sewer designer  in San Francisco  but  after a while, he was not happy, so he moved to the cartoon business.  So Rube has impacted us in many ways,  but one way is people hosting rube Goldberg competitions. He also was a founding father of the cartoonist society. Rube died on December 2, 1970. but his legacy lives on.

This is where rube was born.

this is where rube made it big.

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