Through this unit, students will learn about the cell, specifically:

  • Differentiate the different parts and functions of the cells.
  • Identify the cell as the basic unit of construction of all living beings.
  • Classify between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, and animal and vegetal cells.

The students also will:

  • Learn to work in groups and differentiate their ideas.
  • Comprehend how to use computers, apps and internet to help them with their study.
  • Construct reflective attitudes and dialogue through group work.
  • Illustrate clearly their concepts and ideas.
  • Analyze and rate the views and works of themselves and others.
  • Design in virtual environments, with interactive exercises and spaces for sharing knowledge.

In this unit, key aspects on the basic structure and functions of the cell are addressed. Students will learn, among other contents, the main differences between animal and vegetal cells, as well as useful resources they can use for their study. Scholars will work in a collaborative and participatory way. The unit is organized into three activities. For work to be optimal, they must follow guidelines and directions that teachers indicate in each activity, taking into account the sources of information.

This unit is developed for 10-11 years old children.

( 5th course of Primary Education )

Curricular Area: Natural Sciences.
  1. Basic concepts: parts and functions of a cell.
  2. Differences between unicellular and multicellular beings. Basic use of a scientific microscope.
  3. Differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, and animal and vegetal cells. Summary and evaluation.

These basic competences are acquired throughout the development of this unit, to a greater or lesser extent:

1. Knowledge and interaction with the physical world.

2. Communication skills.

3. Data processing and digital competence.

4. Learning to learn.

5. Autonomy and personal initiative.

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Irene Martínez Bermúdez.

Alicia Carmen Lova Ortiz.

Javier Marín Garcerán.

for the subject RESEARCH AND ICT. 1st. Course of Primary Education.

Prof. Linda Castañeda, University of Murcia. 2014.

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