The coastal plains!

Are you looking for the perfect place to relocate your business to?  If you are, Brunswick, Georgia is the place for you.   Restaurants, small shops, hotels, and tourism will help your business thrive!  Read below for more information about beautiful location!

Why Brunswick you ask?

Brunswick's geography is marshy and along the coast.  It is about half way between Jacksonville, Florida and Savannah, Georgia.  It is the lowest point in Georgia, at about 10 feet above sea level.  

What physical features does Brunswick have?

Brunswick is primarily a marshy land.  It is a low, poorly drained land, and that sometimes floods.  The Port of Brunswick is a vital part of the cities economy.  It is one of the busiest ports on the east coast.  This port is the 6th busiest automobile ports in the United States.

What industries are in the Brunswick area?

Brunswick's port helps many industries in the entire United States.  Because of Brunswick's port, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), a large agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security, is the largest employer in the county. Also, Southeast Georgia Health System is the largest private employer in Brunswick. Some other large employers in Brunswick are King & Prince Seafood, GSI Commerce, and Gulfstream Aerospace.


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What is the climate and weather like in Brunswick?

The average precipitation in one year is about 50 inches.  In the winter, the average  high is 65 degrees and an average low is 46 degrees.  In the summer, the average low is 73 degrees and in the summer, the average high is 90 degrees.

What other information may be good know about this area?

Glynn Academy is the 2nd oldest public high school in the southeastern region of the U.S.A. and the 6th oldest in the country.

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What does tourism have to do with Brunswick?

There are lots of varieties of restaurants and food cultures that you can choose from including the famous brunswick stew and their fresh shrimp. There is a 1000 acre plantation from 1738 that you can visit. You can also visit the Brunswick's Glynco Naval Air Station which was the largest blimp base in the USA during WWII

By Ian Meeks and Nick Crossing

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