ABC's of Culture: Chile

map of south america, Chile is on the bottom right/ yellowish strip down the side.


A guitar,similar to the guitarron.

The Chileans enjoy European music

Their music reflects Spanish and Native heritage.

Use accordions, guttarons, guitars, piano, and many other instruments.


Over look of Santiago, the highest populated city in Chile.

89% of Chileans have European ancestors.

One of the lowest growth rates of south american countries.

One third of Chileans live in the Santiago area.


The battle of Rancagua in the Chilean war of Independence

In 1817, Chile won their war of independence against Spain.

In 1891, Chile fought a civil war, causing the government to become unstable.

Chile came under constitutional rule again in 1932.


The traditional male dress for Chileans

Many Chileans follow traditional dress for more formal events.

The younger generation follows north american fashion.

The more sophisticated people follow European fashion.


Chilean shop on the street selling food.

The main meal is at midday.

Not acceptable to eat while walking in public.

Impolite to leave a resturaunt directly after eating.


My reflection: I learned that many wars and problems in the world are because of principle of culture number 7: cultural change causes conflict.

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