The Fab 6

These are my friends and I at a Cross Country meet. What are we doing? None of us know, but that's the best part. I have been friends with most of these girls since freshman year, but it was just at the end of last year that we all became a friend group together. We call ourselves the Fab 6. We do two of the hardest sports together, Track and Cross Country. What does that mean? It means that we have seen each other in our best and our worst moments. Before a race when we're all nervous, there's always that one person that's panicking just a little more than we are. In that moment we must all put our own thoughts aside and cheer them up. When the race is over, well that's when we see who's truly our friend. Maybe one of our own beats us, or someone that we dislike beat us, or maybe we just got a bad time. Maybe we are the one who beat them, or we got a personal best or we just feel really good about our performance. We can choose to brag and jump around and act like one of our friends isn't in pain, or we can show them how much we care and comfort them. We can also choose to sit in a corner and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can be proud of our friends who worked just as hard as we did. When you're as dedicated as we are, you don't just do badly and move on. We hurt, we cry, and we are truly at our worst, but my friends and I have stuck by each other through it all. Though we haven't been friends for long, they are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. We count on each other to be there when we need someone to vent to, a shoulder to cry on, someone to make us laugh, or even just when we want to talk. I can trust these girls with my darkest secret and I know they will always be there for me. They are my family. They are my story.

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