The Funding Source Syracuse

Lender and Community Contributor

About The Funding Source Syracuse

For 17 years, The Funding Source of Syracuse, New York, provided comprehensive real estate funding services to clients across a broad geographic area. Established in 1996 with personalized service as its primary goal,the company quickly became an active participant in the real estate community. The Funding Source sponsored many Realtor Education courses across Syracuse, and throughout New York as well as in the other New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania communities where it maintained offices. Also a partner in the Mortgage Brokers Association and the Mortgage Bankers Association, as well as in many local real estate associations, the company leveraged these resources to provide a number of services to clients.

Also distinguished for its volunteer service within the community, The Funding Source donated both time and funds to local organizations. Each month, the company purchased groceries and traveled to the Ida Benderson Senior Center, where they made home-cooked meals for center members. The organization also sent teams to participate in the Eastwood Tomorrow's Neighborhoods Today Program of Syracuse, where they lent their energy to clean-up and improvement efforts. A generous donor to the Bellegrove Missionary Baptist Church as well, the company helped to fund many church outreach activities in an under-served neighborhood.