Why People with Disabilities Deserve Beautiful Products

Because all hail this taxi...

Is time actually seen? Or is it felt?

For those who can't walk, but can fly...


Should it look human if it's not?

Lean on me, beautifully...

Have you ever been touched by design?

This crutch is clutch...

Life is just a serenade and we need an equivalent hearing aide.

Do you know of an amazing assistive device? Please feel free to share. This is a living breathing list and it's eager to grow.

My goal in life is to destigmatize assistive devices. I would love your support.

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a year ago

Hi; I'm a student in a Master of Arts in Teaching program and I am supposed to interview a parent of a child with a special need for the program and ask about the child's school experiences. If anyone is willing, please type detailed responses to the following interview questions, and send an e-mail to owenchasity@outlook.com with the title, "Interview." Sending an e-mail signifies your giving of permission to use the transcript for my course. Thanks in advance!

Part 1: Demographics Name of person you are interviewing: Name of individual with the disability: Describe the disability: Age of the individual with the disability: Describe the relationship between the family member and the individual with the disability:

Part 2: Questionnaire Interview 1. How did you learn that _________ has a disability? (Who was present? When did this happen?) If you were giving advice to professionals who need to explain to a parent that his/her child has a special need, what would that advice be? 2. How did you feel when you received the diagnosis? 3. Have your feelings changed since the initial diagnosis? Describe. 4. What have been the positive aspects of having a child in the family with a disability? 5. What have been the problems or challenges you have experienced having a child with a disability? 6. How did your other children react to learning their brother/sister had a disability? What impact has __________ had on them? (if appropriate) 7. What kinds of support have been most helpful to you (family members, parent groups, neighbors, other)? How would you prioritize your family needs and the areas in which you feel that you need more assistance? 8. What have been your experiences in working with school personnel? What have they done that has been most helpful? What have they done that was least helpful or even harmful? 9. How could the school help your child transition to adulthood? 10. If I were to be __________’s teacher next year, what advice would you want to give me so that he/she has an optimal learning experience? 11. What would you want me to do/not do in terms of my interactions with you if I were __________’s teacher? 12. I am just learning about students with disabilities and how to work effectively with them in my classroom. What other information would you like me—and my classmates—to know about working with children with special needs?