Great Depression Photo Journal

By: Laura Rojas

The Children

The Children from the  Great Depression did not understand what was going on, all they new is that they were hungry, homeless, and hopeless. They didn't understand why it happens, but they were the once to suffer.

The Banks

Because everybody was buying Stocks on Margin, and asking the bank to loan them money, once they didn't get money back from investment and couldn't pay back, the  bank took away their house.

The Hungy

Since many people didn't have jobs, home, or money  they could not afford food. Therefore soup kitchens were made. Government was not strong enough at that point as well, so the soup kitchen was not Government funded.

The Families

Families were suffering for lack of food and hydration so they were forced to take dramatic action, such as sell their children.

The Business Men

They went from mucking a lot of money to only making a couple of dollars. They had pride, so they didn't want to do charity, they were not use to poverty making some of them kill themselves.

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