The Growling Graveyard

by Emory R. and Addie Z.

The Crime

Ms. Walker sniffled and blew her red splotchy nose into a tissue, as the police scribbled out some evidence on a notebook.

"When did you first see him dead, ma'am?" The police asked.

"Last night at 12:32," She answered.

"Did you see anyone else around you or the cemetery?" he asked.

"Yes," she said "a medium sized man with a blue shirt T-shirt was lurking around smoking. He had brown hair and was with a blonde headed girl who had a pink lace shirt on with blue jeans. Once they saw me, they zoomed off on a motorcycle. For a few seconds, I could see them, but then they disappeared. Into thin air. Before they disappeared, I tried to get a picture of the tag, but my camera focused on a blow up Santa Claus in someone's front yard. I tried to run after them, but they sped off over the horizon. The man had dropped a cigarrette but it had already burned to ashes. Other than that I had no clues to where they went or who they are."

"Hmm," he pondered. "Which way did they go and where was that cigarrette?"

She pointed to the east and then to the ground 10 feet away from her. "Here, and here."

"Interesting," he said, continuing to scribble notes down on a sheet of paper.

"One more big clue: A box labeled "AXE CLEANER" was on the back of their motorcycle." she said.

"Axe cleaner...motorcycle...boy...girl," he repeated, writing furiously.

"These people you saw were probably the murderers, but we need to find out who they are," I said.

"Mr. E, we also need to find out where they live first," the police man corrected.

"Yeah that too," I said.

"We have a list of suspects-" the cop started. Suddenly a loud screech came from the graveyard that was filled with "oooo" and "grrr" and "ahhh". The graveyard sounded like it was having a big stomach ache.

The camera men packed up their cameras and ran for their life. The police man, Ms.Walker and I were the only ones left. The screeching stopped and we shuddered.

"D-d-do you think that's the ghost who took the life of my dear husband?" Ms. Walker wailed.

"Not unless the people you saw were ghosts," I said. She blew here nose a second time. "Now who are the suspects?"

"Jenny Juviey, Riley Smiley, Karla Roberts, and Johnny Smith." The cop said.

"Whoever it is just punish them! I want them to suffer!" Ms. Walker said, shaking her fist.

"Calm, down, ma'am. We will find out who did." The cop said.

"Oh, how DARE you tell me to calm down! I just lost my husband to a bunch of ghosts freaks and you have the gut to tell me to calm down? Can't you see I can't calm down?" Ms. Walker exclaimed.

"Don't worry, miss" I hushed.

"Just do your work!She sighed. "Please. I'm going home to grieve."

She then walked down Center street until she climbed the front steps of her house. She slammed the door behind her, and the door went "THUD!" She was like a cat that was forced into water. Mad and stand-offish.

I looked at the police officer. He looked at me. Our eyes met for a moment and I knew we were thinking the same thing. We would go east and look for the house with the motorcycle in it. Or on the driveway.

The Puzzling Question

Who killed Mr. Walker? Why did they feel the need to do it?


Ceaderville, Ohio


Mr. E. Solver- Mr. E. works for the FBI and has solved many cases in his past. He is a quiet man, and is very hard to understand. One of his weaknesses is communication. He isn't very social and has a mysterious nature. He is extremely smart under his sad all-the-time look. When it comes to knowing things he's like Google with legs.

Detective Clues- Detective Clues is a secret spy and pretends to be a cop so he can get more information. He is very smart and has a very high IQ, but is only 25 and has just started his job of being a secret spy.

More of the Story

Mr. E and Detective Clues walked down Center Street and looked very closely at each house. Some had their garage open and some had their cars parked outside their house. One in particular had a motorcycle out front.

"Bingo!" Clues said. He smiled like an elf that just found a candy cane.

We walked up tho the front door and knocked. A man with brown hair opened it up.

"Yeah?" he said.

"Sir we are police men, and we need to inspect your house." Clues showed him his badge and I showed him mine.

"Why?" he asked. He looked at us in a suspicious way. Suddenly a girl came behind him with her long blonde hair. They both matched the description of Ms. Walker.

"There's been a murder down the street," he pointed "of Mr. Frank Walker. Someone said they saw you. We just need to investigate, sir"

The woman spoke up. "You may inspect our house, but you won't find anything." She had a Russian accent. You could tell she was strong willed and in charge. We walked past her and the man still giving us dirty looks. Their house was small, and not tidy. Some smelly clothes lined the hallway. We went out through the front door again after a short search.

Suspect #1 Jenny Juviey

Description: Has been an juvenile once for a crime jay walking. Later, the cop was arrested for over charging her. Is a female with long blonde straight hair.

Motive: Mr. Walker was mad at her for turning up the music when she drove by.

Alibi: She was spending the night at her friends and she was there from from 8:00 to the next morning. The friends name is Kate Rete.

Interview with Kate Rete:

Q: So Sunday Jenny slept over out at your house?

A: Um, no, well, uh no.

Q: Why is that?

A: Ummmmm............. I don't have to answer that.

Q: Ma'am, I think you should.

A: Okay. She'll probably kill me for this, but she was surprising her mom on her birthday and she wanted me to keep my mouth shut. I bet now her mom is reading this and it won't be a surprise. The whole thing ruined. Just because of me.

Suspect #2 Riley Smiley

Description: The happy mailman who smiles all the time. He just graduated from McCombs School of Business in Tennessee. He is a male who has brown, short,and curly hair. He loves art and whistles a lot.

Motive: Mr. Walker never checks his mail and thinks Riley Smiley is too happy all the time.

Alibi: He was delivering a box to Sally Jenson, who lived in a neighborhood across a town called Lamore'. On his way there his GPS broke but he found his way around.

Suspect #3 Karla Roberts

Description:Female- Tall brown headed, and has curly hair. She works at Glenda's Italian restaurant. She always wears a black hoddie over her head, and she is said to be the saddest, most depressed, person in town.

Motive: Mr. Walker never tips there when he eats there. Also, one of the chef's caught her calling Mr. Walker bad names in the kitchen.

Alibi: She was working overtime on Saturday to 1 am on Monday. Her boss was also there.

Information about Glenda's:

Owner: Glenda Lynn

Type: Italian Diner and breakfast

Stared: 5 years ago

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Suspect #4 johnny Smith

Description:Short old man with short white hair. He used to fish in the Dead Creek until it dried up over severe drought. He is now 72 years old. His wife said that cards went to his head and made him go crazy.

Motive: Every Saturday he and Mr. Walker played cards, but Johnny always lost. The last Saturday they played, which was one day before Mr. Walker's death, Johnny got so mad at Mr. Walker he told him to never come back and play cards.

Alibi: He said he was fishing in the Salty Lake on the east side of town from 8:00 pm to 1:00 a.m.

Suspect #5: Eva Walker

Description:She also, has brown straight hair. She is Mr. Walker's wife who was very depressed when she saw her husband dead. It was Christmas day when she found him dead. She went to bed early Christmas Eve, so she never saw him come home. She thought that he had just stayed late and then got up and left early. She got up because she had awoken and it was 12:25 and Mr. Walker told her that he would be back by 10:00 p.m. Her and Mr. Walker had gotten into a fight the night before, and the neighbors said they heard Ms. Walker said "Just shut up, old man!". Later that night the neighbors heard him say "I'm going out to tend the graves." When she got up she searched the neighborhood and found him dead in the graveyard, with an axe in his back.

Motive: They were previously in a fight the night before. They had also gotten in a really bad fight a week before, and it disturbed the whole neighborhood.

Alibi: She was awoken by the screams of who she thinks was Mr. Walker, so she got worried, and went searching through the neighborhood as fast as she could.


The police found a brown hair on the ax when they were investigating the crime scene. They also found a smudgy fingerprint, which means the murderer must not have been wearing gloves. There was one fingerprint, which means that only one person murdered Mr. Walker, also. They found a black hoodie laying on the ground at the scene of the crime, too. The police found a small scrap piece of paper on the ground that said "I hate you!". They looked back at the security tape and saw the face of a girl, but since she had on a hoodie, the cops couldn't see their hair color. They took up the hoodie to look for more clues, and to see if they could find anymore fingerprints.

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