The Harver Group Management: Cirrus Staffing Services start with a pilot of the Talent Pitch

Cirrus, the ABU employment agency for jobs within the contact center industry, has launched a pilot of the Talent Pitch, the online application tool for contact centers. The goal of the pilot is to examine whether the efficiency of the recruitment process can be improved, while the minimum quality stays the same. I also wish to further respond to the Pitch with the Cirrus Talent current trends and developments in the field ofonline communication and apply for jobs.

Some of the candidates who are looking for a job through the Talent at Cirrus onlinePitch. It is expected that this longer range can be created and a wider audience is addressed, including those who are not physically able to come along and remotely to apply. Candidates through the outbound or inbound variant of the Talent Pitch,depending on the function where they apply.

The (pre) selection is based on 3 customer conversations that the candidate goes through to different skills including multitasking, language skills, typing skills but also the use of communication styles to measure. The candidate then create an intelligenceand personality test. The Talent Pitch results in a matching score. The matching scoreis not directly to adopt or reject reason. At the time the candidate completes theTalent will Pitch the recruiter in person to his/her application and results look.

The results of the Talent Pitch give a picture of the chances of success of the candidatein the function of call center employee. The videos in the Talent Pitch give direct a picture about working in a call center. So chooses to apply the applicant consciouslyand he/she knows what is expected. This increases the chances of a successful match.In addition, the tool like a piece of confirmation of a suspect. On the basis of the CVcan someone very suitable substantiate this presumption can skew the Talent Pitchallowing more certainty emerges. Also there are applicants who have not yet call center experience. They can be very suitable but you don't read this off of the CV. theTalent Pitch provides an objective look at the selection process and make therecruitment process more efficient and so can it reduce unwanted turnover. This lastcan be measured after 6 or 12 months.

Erwin Pakar, Director of Cirrus tells: "the whole way of recruitment has changedsignificantly in recent years and we use for some time online techniques, videos, assessments and knowledge testing via the internet. We want to develop this furtherand now helps us investigate the Talent or Pitch. The Talent for our clients and our candidates must Pitch advantage and that should the pilot go tell. However, we find that the results report of a candidate can be extended with more explanation of thescores, so this also easy to understand for our customers. "

This comprehensive results report is currently being developed. Recruiters andcompanies that indirectly with the Talent Pitch work, for example through theemployment agency, can use this new report assessing the application of thecandidate well and correctly interpret the scores.

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