The Holy Land

The people of the Holy Land came from many different geographical directions and many different cultures and customs. This made the Holy Land very diverse for a very small piece of land.

The Holy Land's geography was a huge contribution to why people settled there in the first place. The Holy Land(Jerusalem) was a key place on a map for everybody. As we know many times two different religions fought over this land because of its prestige. It is a key point between Asia and Africa, and was a center for trade that included items from both continents.

Then He and His descendants will reign a long time over his kingdom in Israel. Deuteronomy 17:20

Google Images Israeli Art

This piece of artwork from Jerusalem shows the dedication and resources these people had during those times. The detail in the painting shows how elaborate their artwork was. While the vivid colors and and quality paper shows the kinds of resources these artists had to work with. They used this elaborate artwork to depict religious legends and stories.

Google Images Holy Land Temples

This was one of the biggest Jewish temples in Jerusalem and is still standing today.