The Life of the not so typical teen

''The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places''
-Ernest Hemingway.

Hello, fellow bloggers. This is my blog, were I will writte about me, my life and thoughts. I don't have a particulary thrilling life, but I'd like to thing of myself as someone just a tiny bit interesting. As the name of the blog says, I am not a typical teenager, nor a typical person. Normally I listen to my mom talk about the times when she partied on the weekends, when she went dancing with my aunt I and I think about the fact that I have never been to a party, nor have I gone dancing. It's not that I want to, I am really happy with not being the party girl who gets drunk every weekend, I honestly see nothing interesting about that; the problem lies on the fact that everybody sees me as a freak, and they tell me things like 'go have fun, drink' as if I don't normally have fun. It amases me that people can be so close-minded into thinking the only to have fun being a teen is to party and date a lot. I am a 16 years old teen, and I have never had a boyfriend, and I haven't been kissed either; I am, of course, reffering to, a real kiss, not kids playing house. I don't go out and search for guys, I like to let things flow a little.

You must be wondering about the picture that comes with my story. And here's the story: When I was a little girl, I'd dream about going to Paris, learning french, and living in as many different places as possible. Of course, as you began to grow, a lot of people come to destroy your dreams, they call it tell you the truth; the problem is they don't realise it's their truth, and they plant it on your mind like the only possible truth, and because, usually, the people who deliver this 'truth' are family, we as innocent kids believe them, because no kid understands that type of love, because kids see love the way a dog sees love: This powerful force, capable of anything, that makes you act selflessly, but more importantly, makes you be capable of anything.

Those are the type of thoughths I'll usually upload here, and also maybe some of my stories and obsessions.(You know, fandoms. Like, The fault in our stars trailer coming out? Sherlock series 3?)

Thank you to anyone who uses their time in reading my blog, and if you think I am wrong about anything, please tell me your opinion, I will really aprecciate it.

Au revoir, my darlings.

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3 years ago

cool well you seem nice and I loved your story and I would love go
to pairs

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2 years ago

good blog, hope you will soon get to see Paris

4 months ago

i love it Mr. Terrible