Motto: Rebel in Silence let Change Make Noise.

Maverick Flag


The name of this rebel group will be the Mavericks.


The purpose of the Mavericks are to provide justice and emancipation.

We go against Loki and the Paradise Island head members. We try to get the suffering people out of this country and those who get trapped here. The Mavericks are the voice of the people of this “Paradise”. We promote individuality. Independence is key.

Examples may include: Peaceful protests, anonymous posters around the island about the truth of Loki, free food for the poor, help in getting out of the island.


To be apart of the Mavericks you must be sworn in to secrecy. Members are not allowed to discuss anything outside the meetings. You must be willing to be courageous and not be afraid of Loki.  Being a Maverick requires you to defend your people when Loki is at fault. Do not be afraid.


The head of the Mavericks is Tony Stark. There is not a set government, meetings are held secretly in the Cave of Eden. In the cave all members gather and sit. There is the head judge named Skylander. A new leader is selected when the old leader is too weak to fight. All members are called to the cave and all candidates speak on their behalf. When both candidates are finished the Maverick people vote and the judge has the final say.To ensure that the head of the Mavericks will not become curupt, the memebers can sign a petition at any time to overthrow the leader.


The responsibilities of the Maverick society are to defend and stand up for what is right and humane. The Mavericks promise to bring justice to the people and bring equality to Paradise Island. The people of Paradise Island should also try their best to stand up against Loki. Everyone must do what they possibly can to make a difference.


1. You are allowed to share your thoughts out loud.

2. You have the freedom to express your feelings.

3. You are not limited to your sense of fashion.

4. You will not be punished for showing individuality.

5. You can not be harmed if you do not agree with our figurehead.

6. Everyone should be treated equally, discrimination is not allowed.

7. You have the right to have a proper education.

8. You have the right to fight back in something you do not view as constitutional.

9. You have the right to view Loki as inhumane.

10. Fear is NOT a factor.


The kids and even adults have a choice whether they would like to attend school or not. Maverick students learn how to read, write, math basics, science about the island, and the history behind Paradise Island and the world outside of them. School is free, but is only held three times a week for the reason that it is difficult to hide out 6 hours each day.  There are no colleges or universities. The people who do not attend school usually go out in search for armor and weapons or they build them.


The Elk is a symbol in our country it shows nobility, pride, and strength which are all things necessary to keep this rebellion alive. Our flag has black to show our determination to make the world better and defeating ones enemy, it as well has red to symbolize our courage and the wanting of starting a revolution and yellow to be a sign of justice! The symbol in the middle of our flag is called Fawohodie meaning independence, freedom, and emancipation. It got its name from the expression, “Fawodhodie ene obre na enam.”  in translation it is saying, “Independence comes with its responsibilities." telling us in order to get the freedom we want and feel we deserve we have to work there and never give up hope, to take a stand and realize what needs to be done to achieve this!


Tony Stark is our leader, our figurehead, our role model, and our brother. He represents what Paradise Island really should be.

Our Leader


Figurehead Characteristics: Tony Stark is the head of the Mavericks because he provided and continues to provide a safe haven for the people of Paradise Island. Although not everybody has not been able to meet him, he is highly respected. Every member of the Mavericks looks up to him and although they may have a different opinion, everybody knows Stark will take it into consideration. The factors that make Tony Stark so great are that he thinks about what will be best for the Maverick society and how he can warn the Paradise Island citizens about Loki. He can be trusted and he is fearless. Even Loki himself fears that he will find a way to tell the people of Paradise Island the truth.

Figurehead origin Story: Tony Stark’s last name was not always Stark, nor was he always the head of the Mavericks. Before, he worked under the head of Loki and was one of his best servants, which meant that Tony knew a lot about what Loki would plan to do. Tony Lumerick was his name. Nobody had a clue who he was; all people knew was that he was Loki’s best servant. Loki treated him terrible. Loki beat him when he was served too much wine or if it was too little. If he didn’t pick out what Loki was supposed to wear the next day, Tony wouldn’t eat that day. Each day he saw how bad Loki would make the people of Paradise Island suffer and the way Loki thought so highly of himself.

Lumerick knew that Loki was up to something big for the future, and it was not good. He knew that he had to escape from being a servant or else he would end up dead. Lumerick created a plan that was risky and dangerous because if he were caught, he would be dead. His idea was to wake up at 2:50am exactly because once the clock strikes 3am he would have a ten-minute window to escape out of the kitchen door. At 3am each day the cameras were set to reset and it took them ten minutes to shut off and restart. The next day he successfully escaped.

Tony had many connections. He managed to change his name from Tony Lumerick to Tony Stark. He got as far as he could from Loki, and it worked. They couldn’t find him. Stark began recruiting members for a small organization that would anonymously and peacefully rebel against Loki and his laws. Soon, more civilians heard about this organization and wanted to join. Loki had no clue about all of this and it was perfect. Stark then gave this organization a name and it would be called the Mavericks. He found a hideout which was the Cave of Eden. From there on Tony Stark was chosen as the head of the Mavericks. Everybody loves Tony Stark and many admire him. His goal is to put an end to Loki’s schemes and set the people of Paradise Island free.

The Maverick Poem

Mavericks! Oh Mavericks! We stand for freedom, sovereignty, and justice.

We fight for the people who suffer each day.

Oh Mavericks! Strong and courageous, representing the weak.

The Elk, meaning nobility, pride, and strength.

Oh Mavericks! It's who we are.

Together we take a stand!

Loki must go down!

Never give up!

I’m a


Propaganda Posters

The Place of Healing & Love

(Torture Room)

Loki calls it “The Place of Healing & Love”, but do not let the name fool you. In reality it is a cave on the southern part of the island. If people are lucky enough to return from it, they are not the same as they were when they left. It is in fact a cave where the servants beat you and make you suffer until Loki is able to get inside your head. Those who are captured and taken to The Place of Healing & Love are tortured and beaten nearly to death until Loki is able to make you understand that he is the “good guy”. Loki named it "The Place of Healing & Love" because according to him it is his chance to "heal" those minds that see him as evil. Also, by "healing" those people, he is showing his "love" for them. The real torture is not the hitting, whipping, or insults. The real torture is when he brings in either a close friend or family member and you must press the trigger to kill them when you are ordered to or else. As Loki would say, “this the way to make you obedient”. The captured ones are usually people who are Mavericks and are caught either trying to make their way to the meetings or back home from them. Loki is a mad man! He wants the island perfect in his eyes and the only way to ensure that is through The Place of Healing & Love. Really, he mistreats his people and takes advantage of his power. The people of Paradise Island are fooled and are blinded by Loki’s cover up. The Place of Healing & Love is just a dark place where Loki has the advantage to hurt and traumatized what he calls “his people”. Everybody must know the truth about that torture room. The Place of Healing & Love is the complete opposite of what it is called. The people of Paradise Island need to realize they do not live on a “paradise”. In reality, it is an island of torture.

Animoto Video

By: Genesis Hermosillo & Xytlali Compean

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