Annie Le: The Yale Lab Murder

The Details:

On September 8, 2009, five days before her wedding, the beautiful and talented Annie Le disappeared. On her wedding day, the NeZw Haven police found her body stuffed inside the walls of a Yale Animal laboratory where she performed her research.

Yale President Richard Levin blames "the dark side of the human soul" for this horrible tragedy.

The Mystery:

Who killed Annie Le and why?

The Sources:




The Victim:

Annie Le was born in San Jose in 1885. She was a smart and beautiful daughter of immigrants who was just beginning her life. Her hard work and dedication as a student earned her a place in the pharmacology program and the world-renowned Yale School of Medicine. Le would have even  earned her Ph.D in 2013.  Her research was centered around how fatty acids regulate an enzyme involved in preventing metabolic disorder and even treating cancer and diabetes. She was described by her friends as a warm and personable woman who was excited to start her family in just five days.

The Suspects:

Initially, her soon-to-be husband, Jonathan Widawasky was suspected of murdering Le. Did a marital spat occurring so close to the wedding result in a violent murder?  A second suspect was a Professor who suddenly canceled classes on the day of her murder. Finally, a technician by the name of Raymond Clark was suspected.

The Evidence:

Evidence in the ceiling and crawl space where Annie Le's body was discover contained DNA from both Le and Clark. An investigator reported seeing Clark try and hide lab cleaning equipment that was later discovered to contain blood splatter. Clark was also increasing the use of his security code to enter rooms that Le was working in during the weeks prior to the murder. There was scratches on Clark's body consistent with a struggle, which he claims he had with a cat.

The Proposed Narrator:

A college of Annie Le.

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