Three Course Levels of Hands-On, Advertising Studio Photographer Training

Limited to 8 enrollees* (Courses 2 & 3).  Evenings, beginning Aug. '14.  Sign up below.

  • COURSE 1:  'Intro' @ $195;  Use your DSLR/DSL like a pro in any type of light
  • COURSE 2: 'Intermediate' @ $345;  Studio Light to match your imagination
  • COURSE 3: 'Advanced' @ $395;  Real-world Lighting, Studio and Location
  • *AUDIT-ONLY COURSE 2 or COURSE 3 @ half-price (no in-class 2 hr shoot)

  • One evening each week from 6-10 PM over six weeks, 'THE PHOTO PROf' photographer training will be taught by Joe Boris in his 5,000 s.f. Atlanta studio.  An award-winning advertising photographer with over 30 years of professional experience, Joe taught for 7 yrs. at Portfolio Center and The Art Institute of ATL.
  • With three progressive Courses offered, you'll use the gear and learn techniques, planning and execution required in the field of high-end commercial photography.
  • Enrollees will be matched according to their skill level and goals to assure a 'best learning' experience. With just 8 shooting slots* available in Courses 2 & 3, each night's lecture/demo will conclude with your own 2-hr studio shoot (weeks 3-6). Choose from a full lineup of professional lighting & grip gear; Tungsten or Strobe, Beauty Dishes, Octos, Softboxes, Umbrellas, Silks, Scrims, your choice.  
  • All are welcome from beginner to advanced. Bring your camera and whatever your skill level, you'll leave every class a better shooter than you entered, starting the very first evening.

Please email today for more info and to reserve your slot.  Once filled, they're gone.   Ph 404.377.7707

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