The Pigman

By Paul Zindel

Lol Pigman


  • John Conlan - John is a complicated guy. He has a real problem with any kind of authority. He is always in some sort of fight with his dad. He lies to his teachers and calls them "retarded." Actually he lies to pretty much everybody, except Lorraine. In school he spends his time setting off firecrackers in the bathroom and playing pranks on substitutes. They call him the bathroom bomber.
  • Lorraine Jenson - A high school sophomore. She is sensitive, compassionate and very skillful at observing and figuring out other people. She wants to be a writer, and is especially interested in psychology. Her observations and judgments are usually correct.
  • Mr. Pignati - Mr. Pignati is a lonely, widowed, retired electrician who lives alone in a messy house. He and his wife, Conchetta, shared a love of jokes, food, and wine. He is lonely without her and misses her. At first he tells John and Lorraine that Conchetta is on a long trip to California.  He probably said this because he didn't want John and Lorraine to feel sorry for him or because he can't face her death.
  • Mrs. Jenson - Lorraine's mom has a hard life. She works as a nurse for ill elderly patients in their homes. She's been a single mother since before Lorraine was born. While she was pregnant with Lorraine, she learned from a doctor that her husband had gotten a disease and STD while cheating on her. And that was the end of their marriage.
  • Mr. Conlan - John's dad is one stressed out guy. He has an incredibly stressful job  in the Coffee Exchange, where he works with John's brother Kenny. John's father insisted that John should join him and Kenny at the Exchange. When John tells his father that he wants to be an actor, his father's response was "Don't be a @#$%" and "Thank God Kenneth isn't a lunatic".
  • Mrs. Conlan - John's mother is a neat freak. All she does is clean, clean, clean. She deals with the conflicts between John and his father by either ignoring it or suggesting that John go to a friend's house so he does not aggravate his father.
  • Norton Kelly - Norton is John and Lorraine's classmate. He steals electronics and sells them illegally. He was there the day that Lorraine first prank called Mr. Pignati. He suspects that Mr. Pignati has valuable items and threatens John that he is going to break into Mr. Pignati's house.


Ooooo Pretty

The setting takes place in Staten Island New York.


  • Norton wants to steal from Mr. Pignati, but John tries to keep him away from the house by telling lies.
  • Before John and Lorraine met Mr. Pignati, John protected him by telling Dennis and Norton that him and Lorraine are not going to collect the money because Mr. Pignati caught Lorraine and hung up.


The themes to this novel are...

  • Versions of reality - The two main characters both have different sides of the story.
  • Home - Home is where the heart is in this case the Pigman's house.
  • Family - John and Lorraine both come from different families and actually act like a family with the Pigman.
  • Lies - Every character lies or deceives one another at some point of the story.
  • Guilt and Blame - The story evolves around these two ideas. Everyone gets blamed for something in the story.


I can connect to this story because I've been to Staten Island New York where the story takes place.

Important Scenes

Why do they look so young

This is the scene where they first met. John and Lorraine come over to Mr. Pignati's house as Mr. Wandermeyer and Ms. Truman. They pretended to be a charity called the L&J fund so they can prank Mr. Piganti and get ten dollars.

That's my boy

In this scene when John is wearing Mr. Piganti's suit and Lorraine is wearing Conchetta's dress with the feather in her hair. They go up to the bedroom and John pretends to be an actor and pretends Lorraine is his wife and kisses her.

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3 years ago

because of the mincraft background was cool

3 years ago

NO!...........After all of this John and Lorraine would get caught with the pigman again and there parents would keep John and Lorraine away from each other and would put them in different schools.

3 years ago

I really like your tackk the way it was set up good job.

3 years ago

I think they will grow closer to each other after the death of Mr.Pignati, because they are the only one's who are able to understand each other

3 years ago

Maybe if john makes lorrain feel better , And i think that they have some ups and downs , but yes they might end up being together

3 years ago


3 years ago

I think they will have a good future because, Lorraine will put John on the right path and help him stop drinking and smoking because he will soon realize it's bad for him. They will marry each other and have children and live a happy life and tell their kids all about Mr. Pignati, and they will have respect for their kids and not treat their kids like how their parents treated them.

3 years ago

I think john is going to change cause of the influence of lorraine

2 years ago


a year ago