Thermal Imaging Camera:
What You Need To Know About

Thermography is an infrared imaging science, and as time goes by, the thermal imaging is becoming an important part of many industry sectors. Developing diagnostics, road inspections, house inspections, food shipment and manufacturing are some of the many applications that the thermal imaging camera is utilized for.

The image that the thermal imaging camera device is producing is called a thermogram, and the process is defined as thermography. There is a variety of colors available for making a thermogram, and they come in several different pallets. So, the bluish-black color that is fading to red, orange and yellow is a standard marker of colder areas while white color appears when the temperature escalates and gets warmer.

Nowadays, there are very advanced thermal imaging camera types that can provide the thermographic image on a built-in video screen with the option to be transferred to a PC, or on a memory card for further detailed analysis. However, if the device features a special memory option, the user should also make sure that there is no previously recorded data because an unnecessary error might occur.

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